WATCH: 4th of July Fireworks Mishap Causes Family’s Front Yard To Look Like a War Zone

by Lauren Boisvert

A family had a 4th of July celebration in their front yard on Monday that quickly turned to disaster when their store-bought fireworks went haywire. In a video posted on Twitter from what looks like a home security camera, the family sets one off in the street; instead of going up in the air, the firework shoots off in all different directions. The people in the video scramble to get out of the way, jumping out of their chairs. Then, an even bigger disaster. Maybe they should have replaced their fireworks with drones?

At a Glance

  • A family celebrating 4th of July set off some store-bought fireworks in their front yard
  • The first firework sent them all scattering away from the explosives as they shot in all directions
  • Then, a pile was somehow lit, and exploded everywhere, causing the front yard to look like a combat zone

Family’s Fourth of July Celebration Cut Short When Pile of Fireworks Goes Off

After the first firework goes off, another one near a parked car goes off. In the video, a man in a blue shirt goes near the pile by the car, and seems to drop something on the pile. Then, mayhem. The entire pile goes off, exploding every which way. The people on the lawn tear off, hopefully inside the house. The entire thing looks like artillery fire; the yard looks like a war zone.

Safety is so important for those who choose to use legal, store-bought fireworks. According to the Chicago Sun Times, fireworks injuries are up 25% over the last 15 years, and about 11,500 people were injured in fireworks-related incidents last year. It’s important to remember that these are dangerous explosives, and when it’s all said and done, are best left to the professionals.

But, if you choose to set them off at home, there are some crucial safety guidelines you should definitely follow. These tips could potentially keep you alive when faced with fireworks.

How to Stay Safe When Setting Off Fireworks At Home

The National Safety Council has a list of great tips and guidelines for those who want to set off store-bought fireworks. Firstly, young children should never handle or set off fireworks. Children don’t have the spatial awareness to get out of the way fast enough, and could be seriously injured even if the explosive goes off correctly. Additionally, older children should only use them under direct adult supervision.

Using fireworks while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is also not recommended. You also shouldn’t light more than one at a time. That seems to be the issue with this video, as it seems like someone lit off a whole pile of fireworks. Essentially, it’s best to use common sense when lighting explosives; don’t point them at people, maintain a safe distance, and keep water nearby in case of fire or malfunction.