WATCH: Adorable Toddler Shows Promise as a Future Bull Rider in Viral Video

by Clayton Edwards

If you’re looking for your daily dose of cute, you’ve found it. This adorable bull rider may not be winning buckles just yet, but he’s definitely winning hearts. The SportsCenter Twitter account shared the video yesterday. The video originates from TikTok user OleviaB.

The caption of the post is simple but it says it all. “Future bull rider. This is adorable.” We have to agree, this adorable bull rider is the best thing we’ve seen in quite some time. From his confident nod, before mom opens the chute to his tiny boots, this little cowboy is the definition of cute.

The only thing that could possibly make this video better is some great musical accompaniment. There are several country songs that would sound great while this adorable bull rider tackles his bull.

Reba McEntire grew up with the rodeo. She recently released a song called “Dear Rodeo” with country singer Cody Johnson. That could work.

Even better would be “Rodeo” by Garth Brooks. The ’90s country icon’s ode to the professional cowboy life would be so fitting for this little guy’s ride.

Either way, this adorable bull rider is just the mood booster we needed today.

Carry This Adorable Bull Rider’s Energy With You

We’ve made it through most of 2020. The holiday season is behind us. We’ve just got a few more days until what feels like the longest year in history is finally over. Let’s try our best to ride into the new year with the joy and enthusiasm that this little cowboy has.

When the ball drops at midnight or when your alarm goes off Friday morning, make sure your rope is cinched and your hat’s on good and tight. Give the new year a nod and come out of the chute with a smile on your face. We’re going for the buckle on this next one, folks.