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WATCH: Airplane Passenger With No Flight Experience Lands Plane After Pilot Suffers Medical Emergency

by Jonathan Howard
Getty Images

A passenger on a small Florida flight landed a plane without any experience after a medical emergency caused his pilot to become unable to fly. It was a moment that we all have played in our minds before. However, this passenger stepped up and did it! One of those moments you never want to happen, but you’re glad to be able to tell the story.

What to Know

  • A passenger flying from the Bahamas to Florida had to take over when his pilot had a medical emergency
  • In videos, the passenger lands the plane like a pro as air traffic guides him down from 9100 feet
  • The plane landed safely and the pilot was taken care of following the incident

The plane was a single-engine Cessna 208 and it was flying near the Florida coast after departing from the Bahamas earlier. An hour and a half into the flight, things went haywire and the pilot had a medical emergency. When it came time to land, the plane came into the airport as multiple cameras caught the outstanding landing.

Watch below as the plane lands. You can hardly tell it was a complete amateur flying. No experience. Not even a minute.

We’ve all seen it in action movies. The pilot goes down, the person has to react quickly in order to save the flight and keep things from going haywire. The passenger lands the plane at Palm Beach International Airport after talking with air traffic control. While the man behind the controls had to do it with his own hands, ATC helped guide him into the runway safely.

A recording of the call to traffic controllers was released as well. The passenger sounds worried but keeps it together. He listens to the instructions, comes in slowly, and landed the plane. At the end, you can hear two people talking about the amazing landing afterward.

“I’ve got a serious situation here. My pilot has gone incoherent and I have no idea how to fly the airplane,” the passenger says in the video. “But I’m maintaining at 9100 [feet].”

Air Traffic Control Remains in Control

Throughout the whole thing, the ATC workers kept their composure and guided an amateur safely to the ground. These moments don’t come up often, but it is reassuring to see professionals do their job so well. They located the plane, found a nearby airport for it to land at, cleared it out, and made sure he had room and then some to land the small passenger plane.

If this had happened to me, I wouldn’t shut up for the rest of my life. This is about the coolest thing that you can do. Like, ever. At the end, the passenger gets his kudos from the guys who know best. It sounds like the person at the end didn’t know that the passenger had flown the plane at all. So, he must have done a great job.

I wonder if this guy will pursue his pilot’s license? He already has a little bit of solo time to his name, unofficially. Emergencies only.