Watch All the Drama of Yellowstone’s Third Season in Action-Packed 17 Minute Video

by Jacklyn Krol

Are you ready for an epic Season 3 Yellowstone recap? Here’s a seventeen minute video with all of the dramatic moments.

The ‘Yellowstone’ Video

Are you ready to relive the full third season without having to watch the entire thing over again? Look no further! This YouTube video from Paramount features every heart-stopping, melting, and shocking moment. For fans that need to catch up, this is a great way to do so and perfect to watch right before Season 4 premieres.

This season also brought out all of the memorable and quotable lines. Let’s not forget John Dutton’s, “Learn to be meaner than evil and still love your family and enjoy a sunrise.” Finally, Rip Wheeler brought us all back down to earth with one simple truth. “You know, when you boil life down, it’s funny just how little you need, isn’t it?” he said.

The video concludes with the final moments in the finale. Jimmy being bucked off his horse, Beth with the mail bombing, and Kayce and John’s assassination attempt.

Watch the video, below.

Everything We Know About Season 4

Firstly, Season 4 is set to air on the Paramount Network in June 2021 and filming has already been completed. The team filmed solely in Montana due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Showrunner Taylor Sheridan spoke to Deadline about how filming took place amid the coronavirus. “So we’ve got the crew and the cast up there, and it’s in an area of the state that has no active cases now,” he told the outlet in July. “As long as we’re very careful to not bring any in…so once we’re there, we’ll be very cautious about how we move. The best thing we can do for the community is [to] limit our interaction with them, really, for now. And everyone will just stay there for the duration.

“I’ve spoken with the governor extensively about how to mitigate this,” he added. “He was very fair and also very aware that L.A. is a hot spot, and that’s where a fair amount of our crew and most of our cast lives.”

Furthermore, it’s been rumored that Finn Little will join the cast of the show. Some fans even speculated that he could play the role of Beth’s adoptive son.

Finally, if you need to catch up and watch the previous seasons, the entire show, including the third season, is available to stream for Free on Peacock.