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WATCH: Astronaut Gets a Haircut in Microgravity Conditions

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Steve Robinson/NASA via Getty Images)

Several astronauts go out on a limb and give themselves haircuts in space. Obviously there are no barbers up there, so someone’s got to do it!

While in space it’s still important to maintain personal hygiene. After all, astronauts are up in space for a long time so haircuts are going to be necessary.

How Astronauts Give Themselves Haircuts in Space

First, there is specific equipment that astronauts use to make this possible. For instance, they use a trimmer connecting to a vacuum cleaner’s hose. You might be wondering if this actually works. Let’s see what an astronaut from NASA has to say.

Matthias Maurer, who is part of the European Space Agency, shared a video of astronaut Raja Chari on Twitter. In the clip, Raja is giving himself his first-ever haircut in space.

The tweet said, “Step into the space salon where barber @astro_raja is a man of many talents. Because none of us want hair in our eyes, or even worse the @Space_Station systems, our hair clippers come with a vacuum attached. Five stars for this space stylist’s service #CosmicKiss.”

Certainly we can forget how good we have it on planet Earth, but nothing is impossible.

Just think, would you be able to travel through space without cutting your hair? By the time you get back to Earth it will probably be longer than you’ve ever had before.

How to Wash Hair in Space

Not only do astronauts need to cut their hair, but they also need to wash it. NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg gives us a tutorial on how to wash hair while up in space. Watch how she does this below.

Seems like there isn’t any water running and her hair looks dry. But that is the beauty of traveling in space.

Now you have a better idea on how astronauts take care of themselves in space.