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WATCH: Beauty Pageant for Chickens Held in Libya

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Omar Marques/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

While most Outsiders have seen an animal show at their local county or state fair, over in Libya, they have hosted their first “chicken beauty pageant.”

So, a lot of folks wouldn’t consider judging goats or cattle to be a beauty pageant. However, that’s the way this even in Libya was described. It looked like a normal animal show, though. Just chickens in cages with labels saying what they were and who owned them. At least, that’s what I assume the placards say.

Now, as an avid chicken owner myself, this is awesome. I have 30 birds outside, another dozen chicks coming to age inside, and probably dozens and dozens more coming this Spring. My wife can’t stop incubating eggs, to be honest. I would be lying if I said that cross-breeding for looks and egg color has been really fun though. Real-life use of Punnett squares.

Anyway, check out the video below and see it for yourself. It might put a smile on your face when you see the young man with the Brahma chicken.

“This is the first time I’ve attended an event like this and saw these breeds of chicken,” one spectator said. “I had only heard of normal chicken before this is the first time I’ve seen all these kinds.” He wasn’t the only one excited. Like I said before, the man with the Brahma was the highlight here.

“Today, I participated using the Brahma chicken breed, and won first place, thank God. I got the highest percentage, 93.8. This chicken is known for its large size and its yellow feet,” the owner said, proud of his winning bird at the chicken beauty pageant.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s nothing like pet chickens. Loyal, funny, and smarter than you think.

No Chicken Beauty Pageant in America While Avian Flu Scare Remains

Unfortunately in America, it seems that gatherings of chickens will not be happening any time soon. At least not in my neck of the woods. Between Virginia and Kentucky, there have been multiple cases of avian flu noted by the USDA. In Virginia, a backyard flock tested positive. Meanwhile, in the western tip of the Bluegrass State, a Fulton County Tyson Chicken farm tested positive.

Right now, Tyson Foods has been insistent that its products are safe for consumers. They are now attempting to control the spread of the flu so they can keep operations going as normal. There will be tests done by Tyson and the USDA to try and lock down the spread of the illness. Chickens can get sick quickly, and spread it even quicker.

Back in 2015, over 50 million birds were killed throughout 15 states due to an outbreak. There have already been supply chain issues for various reasons, this could cause more if millions of chickens get sick. It would be bad news. And, now I’m thinking of how to keep my birds safe. So, no chicken beauty pageants around here.