Watch Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson Hilariously Battle it out in ‘Golden Girls’ Trivia

by Halle Ames

Blake Shelton stopped by Kelly Clarkson’s talk show for a game of ‘Golden Girls’ trivia as former ‘Sex and the City’ star, Cynthia Nixon read the questions via Skype.

You’re Golden Gurrrrl! Yep, you sure are…But it’s also the name of the trivia segment that had Shelton and Clarkson rolling in laughter. They held extended arms to remain six feet apart due to the pandemic.

So how did it go? Follow along with the questions and see if you could take home the victory in Golden Girls trivia against Blake and Kelly…

Question 1: What are the names of all four Golden Girls?

Without even finishing the question, Shelton had buzzed in with his answer. “Sophie, Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy” which was met by a chime to signal he was correct.

Question 2: What is the favorite dessert of the Golden Girls?

Both music stars hit the buzzer with their long prosthetic arm. Clarkson, being the fair host and player she is, said, “awe, you got that one, I think.” Shelton happily answered the question correctly with “cheesecake.”

Question 3: Rose is originally from what small town?

Nixon warns the two that the next question would be much more challenging, then prompts the trivia asking where Rose is from.

After hesitation from both Clarkson and Shelton, Nixon offers a hint. The town “is also the man of a snowman who likes warm hugs.” Without ever seeing the show, we could already tell you the answer.

Clarkson quickly hits the buzzer and confidently says, “Olaf, Minnesota!” Shelton yells back that her answer was incorrect, due to the correct answer being “St. Olaf”, but Nixon lets it slide.

“That is not close enough, Cynthia! This is bull crap! It’s St. Olaf,” yells Shelton.

Clarkson fires back, “everybody knows he’s a saint. Everybody knows he’s a saint, Olaf. I don’t have to say, saint. You can leave the saint off.”

The score is now two to one, with Shelton still in the lead.

Question 4: The theme song goes, ‘thank you for being a friend, traveled down the road and back again.’ What is the next line?

Nixon proceeds to the next question. Of course, since the time you read the headline this song has been stuck in your head, so I’m sure you’d buzz in almost as quickly as the winner of this round did.

Shelton buzzes in just before Clarkson. “Your heart is true. You’re a pal and a confidant.” A ding indicates he is correct again.

He celebrates his win with a golf swing with his prosthetic arm, while Clarkson yells there is a “flag on the play.”

“I’m afraid Blake has got three. He’s unbeatable. I’m afraid Blake is going on the Wall of Champions,” says the actress.

A man precedes to bring out a picture of Shelton, which Clarkson graffitis with a marker. She adds tears to his smiling face.

“I put little tears on your face because I actually let you win, just so you can be on the wall,” said Clarkson.

Shelton claps back with, “In your defense, you have been drinking.”

Get Ready To Laugh and Watch The Video Now:

The pair laughs as the four-and-a-half-minute video ends. The video was posted to Youtube on Monday and already has over 36,500 views. Check it out in all its hilarity below: