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Watch: Burger King Customer Confronts Man Arguing With Employees Over Masks

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Jesús Hellín/Europa Press via Getty Images

A Burger King customer came to the aid of an employee after a confrontation. In a video, a man argued with a Burger King over face masks, refusing to wear one in the store. The incident happened in San Diego, California.

In the video, the man and employee argued over the face mask. But it’s not clear what either of them said. The woman who filmed the incident said the argument started over the restaurant’s face mask mandate. In California, the state requires residences to wear face coverings when indoors at a public place. She also said the man accused the woman of not being a U.S. citizen.

User Barbara Jean Delacruz uploaded the encounter to TikTok. She wrote, ““He told her (the employee) you don’t tell a citizen to wear a mask!”

(Warning: video contains profanity and explicit language).


#fyp he told her you don’t tell a citizen to wear a mask!!!!!

♬ original sound – Barbara Jean Delacruz

The woman filming the incident confronted the man over his racist remark. She told him, “It has nothing to do with her citizenship, a——.”

Social distancing guidelines such as masks have led to altercations

The incident at Burger King is just the latest involving customers and employees over face masks. In September, a Fresno woman threatened to stab a KFC employee as a result. The employee refused her service because she wasn’t wearing a face mask.

The woman jumped on the counter, screaming profanity and threats. She also knocked over a promotional sign.

Back in May, police arrested a United Kingdom woman after a rampage in a grocery store. Employees asked her to follow their social distancing guidelines. As a result, the woman smashed an aisle of wine and threw shopping carts across the store. Sometimes social distancing mandates can lead to confrontations with the police.

A police officer tased and arrested a woman at an 8th-grade football game in Ohio. The woman had refused to follow the state’s mask ordinance.

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