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WATCH: Camo-Clad Luke Combs and Steve Austin Chug ‘A Zillion Beers’

by Jacklyn Krol
(Photo by: USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Luke Combs and Steve Austin are now drinking buddies.

What Luke Combs Had to Say

On Monday (January 11), Combs shared a gif of him and Austin chugging a beer together. The clip is from the upcoming Season 2 premiere of Straight Up Steve Austin, which premieres tonight on USA Network. “A. ZILLION. BEERS. And that’s the bottom line,” Combs captioned the gif. Austin and Combs donned camo hoodies while they threw a cold one back in the forest.

Country singer Travis Denning was impressed by the clip. “If that ain’t a damn bucket list box checked off idk what is,” he wrote.

The Episode and Show

The Straight Up Steve Austin show has Austin interview celebrities while doing an activity. Luke Combs’ episode seems to have the pair four-wheeling and driving ATVs together. After they spent the day getting down and dirty, they went to a bar to have a beer together and chat more.

Austin interviewed Combs and brought up the subject of a shoey. A shoey is an Australian custom where you take a drink out of a shoe. Luke Combs told The Tennessean that he actually ended up getting sick from doing one. “So I don’t know what that says about what’s going on with these boots over here.”

As for Combs, he has always been a fan of the WWE Hall of Fame wrestler. “I grew up a Stone Cold fan,” Combs told People. “To be able to spend some quality time with him was something I could have never imagined. We had some downtime where we shared some stories and got to know each other on a personal level which was pretty awesome to me.” Finally, Combs said that Austin is an incredible guy. He had one of the best times with him.