WATCH: Casey White, Captured Alabama Fugitive, Shocks Himself With Stun Gun in Strange Video

by Jonathan Howard

An old video has come out of Casey White playing with a stun gun. The captured fugitive is seen shocking himself multiple times in the video. However, it didn’t seem to bother him all that much. White, who was being held awaiting trial on capital murder charges, recently went on the run. Vicky White, no relation, a former guard helped him escape and the two ran away together.

Vicky White killed herself when the two were captured in Evansville, Indiana earlier this week.

Casey White Shakes off Stun Gun

  • A video from several years ago shows Casey White shocking himself with a stun gun without much reaction
  • The former runaway fugitive stands at 6’9″ and was an imposing figure while on the lamb
  • The 38-year-old was caught in Evansville, Indiana after wrecking a vehicle during a police chase
  • His accomplice/lover, Vicky White, shot herself as police attempted to arrest the pair

Before the escape and runaway saga, Casey White was already serving a 75-year sentence for attempted murder and other charges. The inmate was also awaiting trial on a murder charge. He allegedly stabbed a woman to death in 2015 during a burglary. He is looking at the death penalty potentially.

The video below shows how large White is, and how tough he would have been to arrest. While it is a smaller stun gun in the video, he doesn’t seem to mind the volts.

Casey White didn’t mind the pawnshop stun gun, but he might have minded the police-issued ones. After rolling the vehicle he was driving, White was arrested. Indiana police released dashcam photos of White being arrested and the scene in general.

The two were found with almost $30,000 in cash and had multiple firearms including pistols and an AR-15. Vicky shot herself in the head and died from the wound. The 56-year-old former jailer was up for an award at an upcoming ceremony from her department.

The entire saga shocked her coworkers and those that knew her it seems.

Man Who Spotted Fugitives Speaks Out

U.S. Marshals believe that Casey and Vicky White were hiding out in Evansville, IN since May 3. Their car was spotted by a car wash manager who noticed the vehicle hanging out in his bay for multiple days. After getting the vehicle towed away, the manager thought that was that. However, the U.S. Marshals called just days later.

The man said that he then went back into his security camera footage and spotted the pair meeting up at the car wash. Casey was picked up by Vicky in another vehicle. The chase was on. While the car chase only lasted a few minutes, it was a wild ride by all accounts.

Casey White was brought in and Vicky suffered her fate. A strange story that gets stranger the more that emerges.