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WATCH: Colorado Musician Captivates Wild Fox with Banjo Skills

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Yuri SmityukTASS via Getty Images

Foxes certainly have a reputation for their playful, sometimes conniving, attitude. Whether it’s scouring the forest to hunt, playing with fellow foxes, or stealing golf balls from golf courses, foxes have plenty of hobbies to make the days feel shorter.

For one wild fox, it took a particular liking toward a man’s stellar banjo skills.

Andy Thorn posted a video to his YouTube account in which he is standing amidst a gorgeous mountain scene, banjo in hand. Right in front of him is a gorgeous fox. At first, the fox is scurrying around when the man first starts playing. Eventually, it seems to find the best available seat to enjoy the show. It sits down and seems to be intently listening to the sweet, country sounds of the banjo.

About a minute into the video, the fox scurries out of the camera’s view. Not too long after, it comes back. Those sweet sounds of the string-based instrument bouncing off mountains were just too good to pass up.

It seems like Andy made a new friend out in Boulder, Colorado.

‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ Shares Fox Video

His adorable video has gotten some attention on social media too. The video has gotten close to three million views on YouTube. It even got a shoutout on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” She intros the video by saying, “Lots of musicians feed off the power of playing for huge audiences. A banjo player in Colorado has discovered the power of playing for just one. His admirer: a wild fox who often trots over to listen while the man picks and strums his bluegrass stylings.”

After showing the video, Clarkson was astonished by this friendly little fox. Kelly Clarkson noted that foxes often run away from people because they’re scared. This little trooper was more than interested, however. Clarkson then digitally called in Andy to speak on the foxy situation. He explained that he lives on a couple of acres of land so he often gets to see different animals wander around his property. During the pandemic, he’s had more time to sit and enjoy his home since his band hasn’t been able to perform as much.

“And I just sit on the deck, playing banjo every day, and one day the fox wandered over and we thought, ‘Wow, I think he’s really loving the music.’ Then, another day, I was on a rock in the yard and he literally came and sat right next to me and just stared at me while I played banjo. It was the coolest thing,” Andy said while on the show.

Some people also noted that Andy is living a really stellar life, between the music, the beautiful nature, and the audiences he attracts. “I think when your musical audience is a wild fox you must be living right,” one person commented.

Clearly, he’s incredibly fond of his little No. 1 fan. He even gave him the affectionate nickname, “Foxy.” Play the banjo beautifully enough and they will come.