WATCH: Concert Goers Leave Behind Massive Amounts of Litter after Weekend Music Festival

by Madison Miller

Across the U.S., several different music festivals and concerts have been shut down. Some decided to cancel due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19 and the especially infectious Delta variant.

Others were forced to relocate or reschedule after Hurricane Ida and the tropical storm it evolved into hit Louisiana and then parts of the northeast.

Meanwhile, crowds of tens of thousands of people gathering in Reading, England for the 2021 Reading & Leeds Festival. Some of the artists present for the festival were Post Malone, Tyga, Two Door Cinema Club, Charli XCX, Machine Gun Kelly, The Wombats, Lewis Capaldi, and Doja Cat.

Reading & Leeds Festival Litter and Mess

After watching the spectacular roundup of artists at the festival, people seemed to just leave their trash and belongings behind. A video that the news outlet Reuters shared on Twitter gives a look into the mess left in its wake. The overhead look shows all the trash and empty tents left behind after the party was over.

Now, a massive crew of people will likely have to go in and pick up after the damage. One person commented on the post by saying, “Can they be put to use for the homeless, victims of weather etc disasters, school/ scout groups or whatever?”

The one issue with that is the tents and other items would have to be cleaned and sanitized prior to giving away or using elsewhere. This would take a pretty large crew to do so.

Meanwhile, those cleaning the festival grounds up shared just how awful the experience was. One person, 20-year-old Aoife Mcmorrow, spoke out about the clean-up process to Telegraph. She was one of the individuals that walked through the campsites to make sure everyone was gone. Some people linger past noon, which is when they’re supposed to be gone.

It’s important to make sure all tents are empty before the bulldozer comes by to clean up. Back in 1969 at Woodstock, a tractor killed a 17-year-old that was still inside a tent sleeping. This is not history at all worth repeating.

“It was the most disgusting week of my life,” Mcmorrow said to the news outlet. She said she’d have to go inside tents that were really big to make sure they were empty. The smells coming from inside were unlike anything she’d smelled before.

The tents and the trash left behind are huge blows to sustainability and could impact the environment.

Bonnaroo Canceled

Meanwhile, the heavy rains and flooding as a result of Hurricane Ida caused the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Tennessee to get canceled this weekend. It was set to start today, September 1, and stretch all through the rest of Labor Day weekend.

According to ABC News, the festival grounds are completely waterlogged, which would make it unsafe for concertgoers to both camp, drive, or walk through the festival area.

Tyler, the Creator, Lizzo, My Morning Jacket, Foo Fighters, deadmau5, and Megan Thee Stallion were all supposed to headline the festival. This is the second year in a row the festival was forced to cancel.