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WATCH: Cops Patrol Brian Laundrie’s Family Home After Shots Reported, No Evidence Found

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

Brian Laundrie remains missing more than a week after his disappearance though citizens internationally continue to report potential sightings. Further, frustration surrounding the investigation heightens, both on the side of law enforcement agencies and Americans overall.

Supposedly, frustration grew to dangerous levels as an unknown caller reported gunshots fired nearby the Brian Laundrie household yesterday evening. However, the report turned out baseless.

On Friday evening, search efforts in the Carlton Reserve concluded for the day. Soon after, a squad of officers responded to the incident, swarming the Laundrie’s house.

According to Fox News, 12 cop cars quickly arrived on the scene and entered the Laundrie home. Law enforcement additionally searched other homes nearby, however, they turned up no proof of shots actually fire.

In response to the incident, North Port Police PIO Josh Taylor said, “No injuries are reported. Right now, there is no evidence any shots were actually fired in the area.”

Additionally, he shared that none of the “large contingency of media” standing outside Brian Laundrie’s home reported anything of note.

Fox further reported that law enforcement arrived around 6:45 p.m. However, reporters speculated they received a “bogus call” due to the rapidity with which authorities both arrived and departed.

Brian Laundrie’s Location Remains Completely Unknown

Amid the ongoing national search for Brian Laundrie, reports concluded the 23-year-old left home without both his wallet and his cellphone. As such, authorities believe Brian Laundrie had zero intention of returning home the day he told his parents he planned on hiking in the Carlton Reserve.

In this way, Laundrie left behind anything that would allow authorities to remotely track him or identify him. Therefore, he complicated the investigation efforts from the start. Additionally, Laundrie’s friend shared the person of interest is also a skilled survivalist. However, authorities insist it’s impossible for Brian Laundrie to survive in the Carlton reserve for a week or more.

Currently, opinions surrounding the chances of Laundrie’s survival in the reserve nevertheless vary. Additionally, theorists have speculated the potential that Brian Laundrie simply took his own life as the manhunt intensified. However, experts in the field remain confident the case is invalid.

“I don’t think he killed himself,” said retired Miami-Dade homicide detective Pat Diaz. “I think he’s just going to disappear.” Additionally, the ex-detective believes Laundrie still remains in the country as Americans across either side of the United States border would be able to identify him.

Private investigator Dan Reimer further believes Laundrie to be hiding “in plain sight.” In this case, it could explain why the manhunt in Carlton Reserve has continued throughout the week.