WATCH: Craig Morgan Has Priceless Reaction To Blake Shelton’s New Mullet Photo

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Earlier this week, Blake Shelton took to social media to let everyone know that he has a new single coming. Friday, his fans will be able to hear “No Body,” and they couldn’t be more excited. However, several people are wondering what, exactly, Blake was thinking when he planned the cover art for the single. In the photo, Shelton is sporting a black embroidered Western shirt, a black cowboy hat, and a mullet that would make Joe Dirt proud.

In the post, Blake Shelton said that he “had to bring back the mullet” just for his fans. It was a bold move, to be sure. Some wouldn’t care if Blake came out sporting a bright red clown wig as long as they got new music. Others are still scratching their heads over Shelton’s new throwback look.

Recently, early-2000s hitmaker Craig Morgan appeared on Taste of Country Nights to talk about his new single “How You Make a Man” which dropped earlier this month. While on the show, the hosts showed Morgan the artwork for Blake Shelton’s upcoming single. He had the same reaction as many folks across the internet. He had a good laugh at Shelton’s expense.

Before we get deeper into Morgan’s reaction, it’s important to remember that these guys go way back. Blake Shelton and Craig Morgan have been friends for years. They’re constantly jokingly roasting one another. Additionally, when Morgan’s son passed away in 2016, Shelton was there for Morgan in a big way. He helped the song Craig wrote for his late son – “The Father, My Son, and the Holy Ghost” – a hit. With that in mind check out the reaction video below.

Craig Morgan Roasts Blake Shelton

“That’s not the new artwork. Come on man! That’s good.” Morgan said with a huge laugh. Then, he tapped into what many folks have already said. “I don’t know what he’s thinking. That’s gotta be a wig.” Then, Morgan wondered if it was an old photo of Blake Shelton. However, it doesn’t look like an old photo. Shelton’s face doesn’t look any younger in the picture than it does on The Voice.

About Blake Shelton’s confident stance in the photo, Craig Morgan said, “He shouldn’t be that proud.”

However, Craig wasn’t just going to blast his longtime friend without showing a little love. “In my opinion,” he said, “Blake is one of the better singers in our format. I don’t think Blake gets enough credit for his singing ability because his ignorant humor sometimes overpowers his singing. But, he should never be that confident.”

Blake Shelton’s new song “No Body” hits streaming services at midnight tonight. You can still pre-save or pre-add it on your streaming service of choice.