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WATCH: Dad Sings National Anthem After Sound System Fails, Brings Everyone to Tears

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Gary Hershorn/Getty Images

Better get a tissue for this one. An Ohio father delivers a heartfelt rendition of the National Anthem after the school’s sound system fails. The father has the kind of voice that brought everyone to tears.

Trenton Brown didn’t have to step up and bring down the house with his patriotism. He could have sat there and waited like everyone else while the school tried to fix its sound system. But when the moment called for a little improvisation, Brown was ready to answer the call.

Brown is the father of one of the Waverly basketball player’s Ezekiel. The high school team played Portsmouth West last week for a match up. Like with most sporting events, everyone prepared for the pre-game National Anthem. But the Star-Spangled Banner never came. The school was having technical difficulties.

His voice is impressive. And many people seem to agree– by Monday afternoon, the video post already has over 25 thousand likes.

Brown Brought the Audience to Tears with the National Anthem

Someone get this man a record label. Sometimes talent comes from the most unexpected of places, and Brown definitely has a voice that could melt granite. Francis Scott Key would be proud. The lawyer wrote the lyrics to the Star-Spangled Banner back in Sept. 1814. But it wasn’t made the national anthem until 1931.

One of the parents Johnny Futhey recorded Brown’s performance for the world to see. He said the performance was extremely emotional. “He brought about everyone in the gym to tears when he saved the day by standing up in the crowd and singing the anthem,” Futhey said.

Futhey also captioned the post as, “Just Wow! Audio wouldn’t work to play the National Anthem at tonight’s Waverly-Portsmouth West game. It got quiet and a little awkward then out of nowhere Ezekiel Brown’s dad Trenton steps up big time and sings with no mic, no music, just talent! Wow someone needs to sign this guy!”

So far the video has been seen over 24,0000 times.