WATCH: Dallas Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb Makes Insane Catch, NFL Fans Go Crazy

by Will Shepard

Ceedee Lamb just pulled off arguably the best catch of the season today (Nov. 22). Andy Dalton threw a high fade into the back left of the end zone and Lamb did the rest.

Lamb is one of the best rookie wide receivers in the NFL this year. He is one of the bright spots in the Dallas Cowboys offense this year and bolsters his case for “Rookie of the Year” with this sensational catch.

One of the best highlights of the day, probably the year. And as a Fox Sports announcer states, this will be on every highlight reel made of the year.

“This is one of the best catches you’ll see all year.”

Indeed, an incredible, mind-blowing catch.

Lamb is slotted out left of Andy Dalton, and he runs a post route out towards the back pylon. Dalton throws the ball a little too far away from his receiver, but Lamb makes it work. Looking back over his left shoulder, he lays out backward to make the unbelievable catch.

Twitter Field Day Prompted by Lamb

Fans went absolutely nuts inside the stadium even though the game is in Minnesota. This is one of those instances in sports where every person watching can do nothing but cheer.

While the defender was seemingly all over Lamb, there was basically nothing that could be done to prevent the catch. NFL fans went nuts on Twitter. Fans commended the catch as well as commiserating with the defender.

Another user talks about the aforementioned “Rookie of the Year” conversation saying that with this catch, Lamb is the frontrunner.

Although, with the Joe Burrow injury today, Justin Herbert will likely take home the Rookie of the Year award. Lamb, however, is solidifying himself as a generational wide receiver talent.

And finally, one fan asks why Dalton should get credit for the touchdown statistic. All in all, it was not the best throw, but rather an incredible catch.

Regardless of this catch, the game between the Vikings and Cowboys is a shootout.