WATCH: Daredevil Rope Swings From Hot Air Balloon Thousands of Feet Above Ground

by Shelby Scott

When we think of a hot air balloon ride, we typically think of peacefully drifting over the countryside. However, for daredevil Robyn Young, the above does not apply.

In a video shared on the Daily Mail, viewers watch as the 35-year-old stunt woman launches herself from the balloon on a rope swing before letting go and plummeting to the ground below her. Check out her stunt below.

According to the article, Young was on the balloon ride with her family over Perris, California when she climbed out into the open sky. Family and friends watched her take hold of the rope swing and count down to 1 before launching herself off the balloon and swinging away from its safety.

“The swing felt pretty awesome and felt really slow,” she shared with the Daily Mail. “It was hard to get momentum. Viewers of the video see her swing down far below the balloon before finally letting go and somersaulting through the air.

The gutwrenching part of the video is not so much when she lets go of the rope swing attached to the balloon as is waiting for the daredevil’s parachute to open up. As spectators on the hot air balloon sit witness to this crazy event, we hear one person prayerfully say, “Come on,” as they wait for the chute to pop up.

“She made me nervous!” one other rider said.

Daredevil Robyn Young is No Newcomer to Sky Diving

While to viewers this particular stunt may seem unhinged or strange, Young is actually an experienced skydiver and takes much pleasure in pursuing things that may seem off the wall insane.

According to the Daily Mail, Young’s IMDb biography describes her as “an artistic soul who loves kicking, punching, climbing up walls, breaking stuff with bats, ninja activities and helicopter and balloon jumping in the morning are [her] cup of tea.” Clearly, as Young made the most recent jump at 6 a.m.; we’ll stick to our coffee, thanks.

In 2017, Young performed what is known as a wing-suit rodeo over Arecibo, Puerto Rico. While definitely strange and not on our morning to-do list, the skydiver paired up with a partner, wearing the wing-suit for which the stunt is named. In the Daily Mail description, one rider falls flat, “wings” out while their partner sits atop them. They fall to about 5,000 feet before the “rider” departs. Because Young has experience skydiving both on her own and with partners, we can easily tell that she is an experienced daredevil and that her latest stunt is probably one of her less complicated.

Nevertheless, we definitely do not encourage you Outsiders trying this stunt at home and we also encourage you to use your hot air balloons safely.