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WATCH: Dashcam Footage Captures 15 Foot Waves Smashing Into Coast of Maine

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

A police car’s dashcam caught 15-foot waves smashing into Maine’s coast recently and audio of the force of the storm surge.

The Wells Police Department captured some massive waves, and the National Weather Service said they reached a height of 15 feet.

WMTW reported that Monday’s storm caused minor flooding along the coast, but authorities did not report significant damage.  

Social media folks added their two cents, attributing the wild weather to “full moon tide (along) with rising oceans” to “earth: 70% water. so yeah.” One Canadian comedian joked, “Ice age is coming.”

Wells is about 20 minutes from the Maine-New Hampshire border.

Where Are The Best Maine Waves For Surfers?

Wetsuit Warehouse’s website said legitimate big surfers consider the best waves to be at least 20 feet high.

Travel + Leisure documented the best Maine surfing spots in 2014, with a few in that particular area. They called Wells Beach one of the top surfing spots in the state.

The magazine complimented the area, saying it had “a handful of breaks on this seven-mile stretch of coast.”

Maine’s original surf shop called Wheels N Waves is less than a mile from the beach. The shop rents boards and wetsuits, plus kayaks and stand-up paddleboards. A popular opinion was for surfers to start at the beach’s north end jetty. The magazine noted it was where waves “break hard to the right during a big swell.”

Other top mentions were Long Sands Beach in York, Gooch’s Beach in Kennebunk, Small Point in Phippsburg, and Higgins Beach in Scarborough.

As for the United States, the prime spots may be in California. According to a 2016 Surfer magazine website, there are a few exceptions with Long Beach in New York, New Smyrna Beach in Florida, and the Outer Banks. 

Pro Surfer Rides 15-foot Lake Superior Wave

Florida pro surfer Ben Gravy visited Lake Superior on Jan. 7 and caught a cold 15-foot wave. The weather situation made advantageous high waves within reach for dedicated surfers.

In an Instagram post, Gravy called wave the “swell of the century in Minnesota.” Bring Me The News reported on the surfer’s day.

Gravy, on Instagram, called it the “swell of the century in Minnesota.”

The surfer took advantage of a gale warning and worked the water around the Canal Park lighthouse amid a gray sky.

Gravy cuts around the high wave in his video until it eventually gobbles him up. A 515 Productions video crew caught Gravy’s exploits and will use the footage for a Feb. 19 documentary focusing on the lake’s “massive force of nature” and the people enjoying its power.

The production company’s premiere will be in Duluth, Minn. Proceeds from ticket sales benefit the Large Lakes Observatory at Minnesota-Duluth.