WATCH: Dirty Dancing Stunt Goes Terribly Wrong, Woman Nearly Snaps Neck

by Suzanne Halliburton

Dirty Dancing fans, let this couple’s pain be your cautionary tale. Don’t drunk dance and try these lifts at home. Remember Johnny and Baby were sober and had practiced long before the movie finale.

So what on earth are we talking about — this viral video of Dirty Dancing gone so horribly, near bone-snapping wrong. Check out the video. We’ll tell you what happened on the other side.

From the beginning, the lift looked like it had a chance. The man caught the woman and pushed her up. She held the pose for a second, then her partner kept pushing and she ended up nearly landing on her face as the rest of her body snapped backwards in a most unnatural way.

But relax. Everything is OK, except for some bruises and crushed egos.

To think, one of the people involved in the crash dance is a professional. She’s 25-year-old Millie Slennett from Sydney, Australia.

“It all just went so quickly,” Slennett told Kennedy News.

“I didn’t have my professional cap on,” she said. “We’d had a few drinks — but I think having some in my system perhaps helped my fall because I was a little bit more relaxed.

“I kept trying to lift my legs higher and then they got above my head. It went from fine to not fine within like 0.3 seconds.”

Slennett works as a choreographer. She practices dance moves at home with her boyfriend, Conner Justin. On this afternoon, Slennett’s sister challenged the couple to a Dirty Dance off in the back yard.

Dirty Dancing Still A Favorite Decades After Its Release

Now, is there anyone reading this who may be confused about “Dirty Dancing?”
It’s a favorite of Baby Boomers and Gen Xers and anyone who adored the late Patrick Swayne. The movie inspired thousands of people to learn how to grind like Johnny and Baby, played by Jennifer Grey, his love interest.

After a premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in late spring, Dirty Dancing was released in the United States in August 1987. The movie made $214 million worldwide. But it had a bigger reach than the theaters. Fans wanted to watch it over and over again. It was the first movie ever to sell more than 1 million copies for home viewing.

The soundtrack also was a top seller. And the song “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” won an Academy Award, Golden Globe and Grammy. The song played for the movie’s final scene, in which all the characters danced and righted all wrongs. Baby and Johnny did the lift to perfection. And Baby’s parents, who didn’t approve of her relationship with Johnny, were so proud of her and the new dancing skills.

What Happened With The Aussie Couple?

Now, back to the Aussie couple. Her family took Slennett to the hospital. Doctors detected no broken bones or other strains or sprains. But when Slennett showed them the video of the dance, she said doctors were amazed she could walk.

“I know I’m so lucky. It could have been so much worse,” Slennett said. “I could have snapped my neck or done damage to my spine. I could have died.”

So again, if the pros crash at home, remember what could happen if you try the lift.

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