Watch: Dodgers Fan Launches Paper Airplane from Upper Deck Down to Field, Crowd Goes Wild

by Jennifer Shea

The Los Angeles Dodgers have enough to worry about without fans aiming paper airplanes at the field. But that’s exactly what one fan did, in a video that has since gone viral.

This season, baseball fans have been forbidden to watch the games at Dodger Stadium due to the pandemic. But that doesn’t mean the stadium has been airplane-free.

This September, the Los Angeles Times reported, fans paid to have two different airplanes fly over Dodger Stadium during the team’s game against the Houston Astros.

The airplanes carried banners bearing signs that referenced the Astros’ recent cheating scandal. Some Dodgers fans are still irate over the 2017 World Series and the decision of Major League Baseball to forgo punishment of the players involved in the cheating. 

“Steal this sign, Astros,” read one banner. 

“Hey Astr*s, try stealing this sign!” declared another.

And on the ground, the closed gates of the stadium couldn’t stop Dodgers fans from lining up outside Dodger Stadium. They jeered the Astros bus as it arrived.

The Dodgers have played in two World Series over the last seven years, but, as Fox News reports, they last won a championship in 1988.

The team had to play just 60 games during a 2020 season truncated by the pandemic. That, plus some decisions from the offseason, could mean it has a better shot at the playoffs, Fox predicted.

But just because the pandemic has changed things, that doesn’t mean Dodger Stadium has been totally deserted. In fact, it’s been a hive of activity.

In May, city officials set up a coronavirus testing site at Dodger Stadium that was built to handle as many as 6,000 people a day. The stadium became the largest coronavirus testing site in the state of California. No word on whether officials allow paper airplanes there.