Watch: Donald Trump Jr. Shares Video of Popular Hunters Urging Fellow Outdoorsmen to Vote

by Hunter Miller
(Photo by Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Donald Trump Jr. is calling on some of his pals that are popular faces with the outdoors community to urge hunters and outdoorsmen to vote in November. The son of Donald Trump took to social media on Saturday morning to post a new clip pushing for another four years for the president.

“Sportsmen and women, don’t wait! Your vote matters more than ever this cycle,” Trump Jr. captions the post. “Plan accordingly and Get Out The Vote!”

Donald Trump Jr. then tags his outdoor celebs featured in the video in the caption. Those people include Kristy Titus, host of Purse The Wild, Jana Waller with Skull Bound TV, Chuck Paddock, host of Open Season TV, and Gary Turner Jr. with Talley Scope Mounts.

“President Trump has done a tremendous amount to support our heritage and our hunting industry, and also firearms and 2nd amendment rights,” Turner Jr. says at the beginning of the video.

Waller then chimes in saying: “Early voting has already started across the country. As sportsmen and women, and as conservations, this election is the most important of our lifetime.

“As a fellow hunter, check your voting dates,” Paddock then says. “Vote early or absentee if you’re not going to be able to and you’re going to be out in the fields.”

“I urge you. If you haven’t registered to vote, do so immediately,” Titus adds. “The future of our country depends on your vote, so get out and vote!”

Donald Trump Jr. Releases Video Addressing Outdoorsmen

This marks one of several times the President’s son has reached out to outdoorsmen to ask for their vote to reelect Donald Trump. Earlier this month, Trump Jr. shared a video in which he urges those who love the outdoors to vote for his father.

He shared the video with the caption: “Typically Outdoorsmen are left behind & ignored by DC Politicians but President Trump hasn’t ignored or forgotten you, he has done more for the American Outdoorsmen than any President since Roosevelt. He now needs your help to continue what he’s started!”

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