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Watch Donald Trump’s RNC Acceptance Speech

by Hunter Miller

Donald Trump formally accepted the Republican Presidential nomination at the 2020 RNC on Thursday night. He delivered a speech that lasted just over 70 minutes followed by a celebration of fireworks.

The President addressed a crowd of people gathered on the White House South Lawn. In his remarks, the President highlighted the economy as well as what he considers the triumphs of his term in the Oval Office.

For much of President Donald Trump’s speech at the RNC, he went after Democratic candidate Joe Biden. He compared his presidency under what a potential Joe Biden presidency may look like. “This election will decide whether we save the American Dream, or whether we allow a socialist agenda to demolish our cherished destiny,” he said.

RNC 2020: President Donald Trump Slams Joe Biden on Socialism and Defunding the Police

Trump also says he doesn’t feel that Biden can “stand up” to those in favor of a socialist agenda. “Biden is a Trojan horse for socialism,” he said. “If Joe Biden doesn’t have the strength to stand up to wild-eyed Marxists like Bernie Sanders and his fellow radicals, then how is he ever going to stand up for you?”

Furthermore, Trump called out Biden for his stance on defunding the police. “Make no mistake, if you give power to Joe Biden, the radical left will defund police departments all across America,” Trump said. “They will pass federal legislation to reduce law enforcement nationwide. They will make every city look like Democrat-run Portland, Oregon. No one will be safe in Biden’s America.”

One of the more controversial moments from his speech came when discussing the coronavirus pandemic. President Trump promised a vaccine by the end of 2020. “We are delivering lifesaving therapies, and will produce a vaccine before the end of the year, or maybe even sooner,” he said. “We will defeat the virus, end the pandemic, and emerge stronger than ever before.”

He also compared the US coronavirus numbers to that of other countries. “The United States has among the lowest case fatality rates of any major country in the world” he said. “The European Union’s case fatality rate is nearly three times higher than ours. Altogether, the nations of Europe have experienced a 30% greater increase in excess mortality than the United States.”