WATCH: Driver Captures Video of Plane Making Emergency Landing on Michigan Highway

by Anna Dunn

You’re expected to prepare for a lot of things when driving on the highway, but a plane landing right next to you isn’t something you’ll ever think you’d see. That’s what happened to a man driving on a highway in Evart, Michigan. Two people had to make this emergency landing after their plane experienced some technical issues, but thankfully, no injuries were reported.

The video was taken on the US-10 Highway in Evart. The video shows the plane zipping by. It looks like it got pretty close to a truck and trailer, but thankfully it missed it. The landing took place on September 29th and according to Fox2Detroit, several police units were dispatched to the area. When they arrived, they helped escort the plane to a gravel pit nearby.

A Similar Incident Occured Earlier this Year When a Plane Emergency Landed in New Jersey

The good thing about the Michigan incident is it happened on a relatively unpopulated highway. However, earlier this year, an 18-year-old pilot was forced to make an emergency landing on a crowded bridge near Ocean City, New Jersey. The pilot was flying the single-engine banner plane over the busy county when the plane encountered engine trouble.

Witnesses reported hearing a boom before seeing the plane started to descend. While landing on the highway is always a last resort, pilots and witnesses praised the young pilot for his quick thinking and ability to land safely.

“We rode up and couldn’t believe what we were seeing. It’s a really young pilot, and what an amazing job he did,” one witness told WPBI. “It’s incredible that he was able to pull this off.

The Young Pilot Reportedly did the Right Thing

Incidents like this are exceedingly rare. But with so many private planes in the sky, they are bound to happen. Pilots are trained to think quickly in situations like this, but it still takes skill to land a plane experiencing issues and do so safely.

“It’s not easy. It’s really a challenge. I’m very proud of him. It’s really phenomenal that he was able to do this safely,” a pilot who was on his boat and saw the whole incident said. He also noted that the pilot did exactly as they are trained in situations like that.

Witnesses saw the pilot hop out of the plane and stand right by it, waiting for help to arrive. It looks like he somehow managed to land on a busy New Jersey bridge without even a scratch. Hopefully, the other two pilots in the Michigan video had the same luck.

Luckily, smaller planes are able to land more safely in emergency situations. However, you are still unlikely to see a plane falling from your sky on your daily commute.