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WATCH: Drone Footage Captures the Aftermath of Blizzard in Boston

by Liz Holland
(Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

Snowstorms are hitting the northeast extra heavy this week, with some areas reporting over 30 inches of snow. Boston, MA  tied their one-day snowfall record with an insane blizzard that blew through the area on Saturday, amassing around 23.6 inches within the city limits in the span of 24 hours. The last time Boston saw that much snow in one day was nearly 20 years ago in 2003.

One videographer, Charles Peek, shared some beautiful drone footage of the city following the storm. If there’s one area of the country that knows how to clean up after a winter storm, it’s the northeast. The video features aerial shots throughout the city, plow trucks working hard and sun shining. The beautiful footage truly makes the city look like an idyllic Christmas village straight out of a Hallmark movie. 

Check out the video below, shot live for The Weather Channel. 

Record Breaking Snowfall Hit Boston This Weekend

One Boston meteorologist, Dave Epstein, also shared some expertise about where Saturday’s storm lies in terms of record-breaking. “In Boston, January 2022 will go into the record books as a somewhat colder than average month, but MUCH snowier than average.  8th snowiest month ever, 4th snowiest January ever, 7th biggest storm ever and largest one day snow total all since 1872,” the weatherman shared on Twitter. 

While the footage does look amazing, the storm has certainly taken a toll on the area. The powerful storm, being referred to as nor’easter, knocked out power for tens of thousands of residents on Saturday according to Mayor Michelle Wu. The mayor also shared that snowfall began late Friday night and continued until late Saturday night. At certain points, snowfall was coming down at more than 3 inches per hour, creating zero visibility whiteout conditions. 

Wu announced that the city’s snow emergency status would remain in effect until 6 am Monday. This means parking bans on the city’s main streets will remain active in order to allow plow trucks to clear roads effectively. 

Massachusetts Mayor Shares Plans For Returning to Normal

“I am so grateful that we have not only survived an historic storm, but really seen the incredible teamwork and collaboration to have the roads mostly clear at this point already and be well on our way to digging out,” the mayor said during a news conference early Sunday afternoon.

Wu also announced that schools will resume classes on their regular schedule come Monday morning. 

“We really need everyone’s help to dig out the sidewalk in front of your home and in front of your property, especially so that our young people can access bus stops and walk to school, and anyone who is walking around — pedestrians, especially those in a wheelchair or motorized scooter — can get around,” the mayor said. “It will take us a little while to get through all of the city’s responsibilities, especially as we’re doing multiple passes.”