WATCH: Eric Church Releases First ‘Studio Series’ Music Video for Song, ‘Hell of a View’

by Jennifer Shea

Country star Eric Church has released the first music video from his new album for the song “Hell of a View.”

The video is full of behind-the-scenes peeks and sweeping panoramic views. And it hints at the story behind the song.

Church Tells the Story Behind the Song

Church co-wrote “Hell of a View” with Casey Beathard and Monty Criswell. They were in an old restaurant in the mountains at the time.

“We were in North Carolina in the mountains. When I came back in from a jog Casey immediately started playing the first part of the song he’d been working on with Monty,” Church explained in a statement.

“He had the line ‘caught your wings on fire when I smoked my Bronco tires out of that town.’ And I just thought that was such a great line,” he added. “I was smitten with it, so we finished it and then recorded it that night. I knew it was pretty special when it went down, because it felt like a big hit but at the same time it has that timeless quality to it.”

Longtime Church collaborator Joanna Cotten sings harmony on the song.

Waiting for the Pandemic to End

The mountain retreat may smack of coronavirus quarantine, but in fact, Church says, they headed up there before the pandemic hit.

“When we recorded this album in December and January, we had a plan. And then COVID happened,” Church said recently. “And we’ve slow-played it a little bit, to be honest.”

Church expects things to settle down a bit and get back to normal mid-2021. 

“I think around the March, April, May time, [my band will start to] get back to what used to be normal for us. And I believe that will start to be normal for all of us — for touring, for our daily life,” he says. “Third, fourth quarter [of 2021] is gonna be a great f–king thing.”

Watch here: