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WATCH: Expert Driver Demonstrates Ridiculous 14-Point Turn on the Edge of a Cliff

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Milind Saurkar/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

One expert driver amazed the world with his ridiculous 14-point turn on the cliff’s edge and shocked a Driver’s Ed instructor or two.

Or so it seems.

First of all, the video looks pretty flash. It’s part-fear, part-amazing as the blue six-seat Baojun 360 minivan moves the shifter multiple times to turn around on a cliffside road likely in China, India, Azerbaijan, or Nepal. 

Sorry to burst your bubble. The clip’s nothing new. NDTV reported over the weekend that a YouTube channel called DrivingSkill shared the video in December 2021.

Camera Angles Reveal That There’s More Than Meets The Eye

NDTV goes a little further on the video, observing that your natural inclination is a massive dropoff below.

But another angle with the same car shows another careful-ly hidden road.

Look a little more to the right of the car, and sure, you’ll see that big ol’ cliff. Is it that lack of fear of a massive drop that pushes this driving expert to make his turn? Maybe.  

You have to hand it to the driver for the skill and patience, but it’s all about keeping an open perspective.

World’s Most Dangerous Roads

Business Insider put together the most recent list of the world’s most dangerous. Of course, there are two American roads on it. 

First, the 414-mile Dalton Highway in Alaska’s on the list. The “Ice Road Truckers,” an A&E Network show from 2007 to 2017, made the road famous.

The other American road is the Million Dollar Highway stretches 25 miles on Colorado’s Route 550. From 2005 to 2015, the road took eight lives and caused 412 accidents. The 25-mile route takes 42 minutes to travel with its paltry 25 miles per hour speed limit. The road ascends to 11,018 feet with tight turns, narrow lanes, and no guardrails keeping folks from untimely deaths.

As with all “most dangerous roads,” there are rockslides and winter avalanches to think about if you dare to drive.

Want to know what probably is the world’s top danger drive? Well, Bolivia’s 43-mile Yungas Road is known as “Death Road.” It ran from La Paz to Coroico and was the only option connecting the towns for many years. The road was said to average 200 to 300 deaths a year at one point.

The mountain path is mostly a dirt/gravel, single-lane road if you call it that. There are few guardrails for cars and bikes. That’s great for heavy fog and rain moments, landslides, and 2,000-foot cliff drops.

That trip is estimated to have claimed 200 to 300 lives a year.  

Car Brand Has A General Motors Connection

Does the minivan look familiar? Maybe.

For the record, General Motors is the biggest overseas automaker in China. You don’t have to know where they make the car to like the price.

The Baojun 360 is a GM joint venture with two other Asian countries. It’s a 12-year-old brand, and Reuters said manufacturers target low-income buyers.

 In a way, it looks like a Chevy Spark if you squint your eyes the right way.