WATCH: ‘Fearless’ Little Cowboy Runs at Calf in Hilariously Cute Video

by Quentin Blount

Professional bull riders of the future watch out — there seems to be one little cowboy training to become the next rodeo champion.

On Saturday evening, the official Professional Bull Riders Twitter account shared what could very possibly be one of the cutest videos on the internet. PBR posted a short seven-second clip of a “fearless” little cowboy running right at a calf.

The little man looks like he is all decked out and ready to go rope a calf. He is wearing a red and white shirt to go along with his cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and his own pair of little chaps.

“This is what fearless looks like,” PBR wrote on Twitter.

Even though he is just a boy, he certainly does not seem to be easily intimidated. And by the looks of it, he may very well become a bull rider right before our eyes. With that type of fearlessness, this little boy could go from riding sheep and calves to jumping on the bigger, badder steers. Even professional bull riding fans on Twitter seem to agree.

“That’s a real Cowboy,” one user commented.

“Somebody buy that young gent a barrel!!!” another follower replied.

Watch Another Little Cowboy Clean and Change Horseshoes

Okay, as if one adorable cowboy toddler wasn’t enough, we have got one more for you. This one, too, comes courtesy of the Professional Bull Riders official Twitter account.

On Friday, PBR gifted all of its fans and followers with another hilariously cute video of a little boy cleaning and changing the hooves on a horse. The little blondie is wearing nothing more than a pair of checkered shorts but he appears to be perfectly at home in the barn with his horses. Not only that, but man, the little guy seems like he actually has a knack for fitting shoes on horses.

“If you need new shoes on your horse, we know a guy,” PBR captioned the adorable video.

As the old saying goes, “Teach them young, and they will have a skill for life.” That seems to be an appropriate theme for this clip especially. The world needs farriers and this little guy seems like he might be one of the best if he keeps it up.

Fans, of course, loved this video of the Professional Bull Riders as well. One woman commented, “I’d hire him and my son is a farrier! Too cute!”

Other fans chimed in with comments like, “He’s a natural Cowboy,” and “He looks like he knows what to do!”

We couldn’t agree more.