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WATCH: First Lady Melania Trump Receives 2020 White House Christmas Tree

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Today, ABC News posted a video on Twitter of the First Lady, Melania Trump, receiving the White House Christmas tree. The massive Fraser Fir arrived on a horse-drawn carriage on a windy afternoon in DC. The First Lady greeted the drivers on the North Portico of the White house.

She spoke with the drivers for a moment then took a few pictures in front of the tree in the carriage. In the photographs, Melania Trump decided not to wear a mask, as did the tree farmers who posed next to her. After the photos, the three tree farmers replaced their masks. Melania then walked back into the White House escorted by a marine while a military band played a medley of Christmas songs.

Despite election disputes and the spreading COVID-19 outbreak, the long-held tradition of the White House Christmas tree continues. This year’s tree weighs in at 18 feet and six inches tall, coming all the way from West Virginia. Dan and Bryan Trees delivered the tree to the White House.

Melania Trump Expresses Her Excitement

On Twitter yesterday, Melania Trump expressed her excitement for the arrival of the Christmas tree at the White House. In the tweet, she complimented the tree farmers and shared pictures from the past years in which she received the tree. She also noted the rich tradition of the White House Christmas tree.

“Since 1966, the arrival of the White House Christmas Tree has become an iconic holiday tradition,” she writes. “This year’s tree, a lovely 18 1/2 foot Fraser Fir from Dan and Bryan Trees of West Virginia, will arrive tomorrow at the White House North Portico.”

According to the White House website, there are strict rules regarding the White House Christmas tree. It must stand between 18 and 19 feet tall and it also must reach the ceiling of the Blue Room in the White House. Typically, a chandelier resides in that room, but the staff removes it to make room for the tree.