WATCH: First Responders Capture Heroic Moment Rescuing Man Who Fell 30-Feet Into Storm Drain

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by In Pictures Ltd./Corbis via Getty Images)

New York first responders shared video of a dramatic rescue after a man fell more than 30 feet into a storm drain.

Rescue workers descended into the hole to lift the man out on Sunday. He had a serious cut to his forehead and leg, but police officers expect him to make a full recovery, Yahoo reported.

“As we got down there he was conscious, he was talking to us, he expressed pain in his ankle region,” NYPD’s Kenneth Logallo told WABC-TV. “As soon as we got the equipment needed down there, we packaged him up and then the guys up top … all the help was excellent.”

The man allegedly fell after scaling a ladder in a water shaft in Queens. But investigators are still piecing together exactly what happened in the case, Yahoo reports.

“You would never find this place. It was in the middle of nowhere, an old water shaft with a stream running down the bottom of it,” FDNY Special Operations Chief Patrick Ginty told the New York Daily News. “Just an open shaft.”

The man’s brother was on the scene as well. He told rescue workers that the man had a history of mental illness and called him after he fell.

First Responders Save Man From Flooded Basement

It’s been a busy few weeks for New York’s first responders. That’s because Hurricane Ida turned the city into a flooded mess. Heavy rains overflowed storm drains and sewers, stranded cars and subway passengers, and filled basements on Sept. 1.

In all, first responders responded to thousands of calls that night and the following day. And they rescued scores of people.

”Last night FDNY members rescued hundreds across the city and removed occupants from vehicles on flooded roadways and hundreds from subway stations,” FDNY spokesperson Frank Dwyer said.

In one instance, a disabled man and his dog wound up trapped in their basement apartment and needed rescue. First responders posted photos as they carried the man and his pooch to safety. Though, not much more is known about the man or his dog.

And New York’s highly trained first responders aren’t limiting themselves to just the five boroughs. The NYPD and FDNY sent men, women, dogs, and equipment to Louisiana last week to help aid in search and rescue efforts on the Gulf Coast. Officials sent New York Task Force 1 and its 83 members to Baton Rouge, Emergency Management Commissioner John Scrivani said told ABC 7.

“The equipment and tools today include Swiftwater rescue equipment, rescue equipment for claps structures, rope equipment for confined space rescue, and a large complement of hazmat equipment and tools, as well as our medical support equipment,” he said.

This isn’t the first time they’ve deployed in other parts of the country. New York’s Swiftwater rescue team also helped out in Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina.