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WATCH: Florida Police Officer Saves Choking Toddler’s Life on Highway

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

A recently released dashcam video shows a Florida Highway Patrol trooper saving a choking toddler’s life on a highway.

The Miami Herald reported that a trooper rolled up on three cars pulled off to the side of Interstate 95 in Miami-Dade County.

Several people surrounded a family on the ground as their unconscious 1-year-old daughter struggled to breathe.

Previous rescue attempts by a good Samaritan failed. The person used a “LifeVac” anti-choking device, but the child remained unconscious.

Florida State Highway Patrol trooper Reginald Mathieu jumped into action, performing back blows on the young girl until she regained consciousness. 

Fortunate Girl

The Associated Press reported that the girl’s mother said emergency personnel tended to the girl at the scene, and the family went home. 

However, the Florida Highway Patrol tweeted that emergency personnel took the girl to a nearby hospital as a precaution. Authorities did not reveal what the girl choked on or how long she was not responsive.

Mathieu responded to a southbound crash in the area of Southwest Seventh Street on Oct. 16.

The girl’s parents got the Florida trooper’s attention and he pulled over. 

On Sunday, the Miami unit of the Florida Highway Patrol posted dashcam video of the incident. That night, more than 3,500 Twitter users watched the video and with many calling Mathieu a hero.

Texas Toddler Saved Weeks Ago

In the past month, two Pasadena police saved a choking 4-month-old. The two men were in the right place at the right time when they were at a neighbor’s house.

Just like the Florida rescue, a body camera captured the video incident. ABC 13 identified the men as officers Garza and Robertson. 

The two officers heard screams for help and went next door, where they found the baby’s great-grandmother and mother in a panic. 

Baby Iliana was swinging in a swing when her mom, Tawney, noticed the child gasping for air.

The officers turned the baby over and one cradled her on his forearm. Then, they held the child’s neck with one arm and delivered a few quick blows with the other, between the shoulder blades. This is the recommended life-saving technique for children ages 11 months and younger.

Tawney Johnson told ABC 13 that the technique is something that every child should know and use. She said she went into shock when the baby stopped breathing. Johnson thanked the officers and called them heroes, just like the Florida trooper. 

Great-grandmother Cathy Johnson also thankful. She told ABC 13 that she could have lost her only great-grandchild in the incident. Already, the woman had lost three grandchildren.

“I lost one that was a year-and-a-week old. One was three days old. One was never born. She passed away before she was born,” Cathy Johnson said.