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Watch: Florida Resident Records Terrifying Towering Waterspout

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Tulen Travel / Unsplash)

A resident in Florida captured incredible footage of a massive waterspout churning off of Big Pine Key. The video was taken on September 5 about 30 miles from Key West.

The clip comes credit of Wendy Wagner via Storyful. At the time, forecasters predicted winds over 35 mph and steep waves. Furthermore, the National Weather Service issued a special marine warning.

The footage shows a twisting tower of water stretching from the clouds to the ocean below. Check out the video below:

The official NWS Key West Twitter account tweeted: “Special Marine Warning including the Straits of Florida from west end of Seven Mile Bridge to south of Halfmoon Shoal 20 to 60 NM out of Straits of Florida from craig Key to west end of Seven Mile Bridge 20 to 60 NM out until 9:00 PM EDT.”

This week’s waterspout was one of several in the South Florida area in the last few months. At the end of August, a waterspout briefly hugged the coast of the southern border of the Sunshine state. People within miles of the surrounding area captured footage of the waterspout.

Unlike the aforementioned waterspout, the one that appeared at Golden Beach actually made landfall. John Morales with NBC6 took to Twitter to retweet footage of a waterspout near Aventura, FL.

In a subsequent tweet, Morales writes: “It should be noted that @NWSMiami has officially classified this as a waterspout, but very close to shore. No official word yet on any wind damage on shore, though information is still being gathered.”

Shortly thereafter, Morales reported that the storm moved ‘briefly on shore’ at Golden Beach. Therefore, weather experts classified the waterspout as a tornado.

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