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WATCH: Golfer Nearly Attacked by Monster Swan on Georgia Golf Course in Crazy Video

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Sylvain CORDIER/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Things got rough for a Georgia golfer recently when a giant swan attacked him. Unfortunately for him, his friends filmed the entire fight.

TMZ Sports said John Walters was looking to get in a quick 18-holes at a south Georgia course. But on the ninth hole, as he lined up his putt, a giant swan walked up and stood a few feet behind him. In Walter’s favor, he sank the putt, but maybe the swan took issue with his stance. Because it then began attacking.

The swan takes a quick nip at Walters’ leg first. Then in a display of dominance, the swan stretches out its wings and starts to chase him around the green. His friends can’t help but laugh, and none volunteer to help him.

After the bird gets a few more bites of Walters, who is in full sprint at this point, he is able to get away. Or, better said, the swan lets him escape.

Walter’s daughter told TMZ Sports that golfers at that course are very familiar with the swan. That’s because it lives in a pond near the ninth hole — the site of the attack.

Chris Perrins, who was the Queen of England’s Swan Warden (who knew that was a thing) and a retired University of Oxford ornithologist, told the BBC in 2012 that male swans are especially aggressive this time of year. That’s because they are protecting their nests and eggs, he said.

He said it’s best to avoid swans nests during April through July. But if you can’t avoid it, or need to play through, Perrins’ best advice for not getting attacked is to run away when they charge.

A Swan Isn’t the Only Outdoor Problem in Georgia

Georgia law enforcement officials are asking people to stop calling 911 about cicadas. The insects are in the middle of a 17-year hatch cycle, meaning millions of the ear-piercing critters are swarming the East Coast.

Georgia’s Union County Fire/Rescue and Emergency Management Agency took to Facebook on Saturday about the deluge of calls they’ve received about the bugs.

“They also have a range of different sounds they can produce, making them some of the loudest of all insects. It is often difficult to pinpoint where the sound is coming from and can sound like a vehicle or home alarm system. Their song can be loud enough to cause hearing loss as they can produce sounds up to 120 (decibels),” the department wrote.

One of the loudest noises a cicada makes is in search of a mate. Cicada mating season lasts for another month. So, wear ear protection, and don’t call the police about them.