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Watch This Guy Snag a Fish From a Drain Sewer

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Clark Young / Unsplash)

Many parks and outdoor recreational areas may be shut down due to the coronavirus, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t go fishing. One man took matters into his own hands and went fishing in a neighborhood storm drain.


The clip opens with a man in a black tank top and board shorts saying to the camera, “I’m ‘Jetty Jockey Jake,’ and this is how you catch a fish.” He then picks up a fishing pole and drops the line down into the storm drain.

After only a few short moments, the fisherman feels tension on the line. He quickly reels it in and has a small fish on the hook. “No way,” the man says, clearly surprised that the stunt worked.

An Instagram account called “jettyjockeys” originally uploaded the video. Barstool Outdoors then shared the funny clip and it now has more than 245k views as of Saturday afternoon. They shared the video with the caption, “Did sewers just put ponds and lakes on the seat?!”

Instagram users took to the comments to share their reactions to the clip. Some viewers gave a virtual nod of approval to the fisherman for his skills. “I’d let my daughter date this guy,” one user wrote.

Other viewers remain unconvinced that the video was real. “He already caught it and just put it down there,” one person wrote. Others chimed in with comments like “staged” and “planted.”

Regardless of whether or not the video was staged, we can all agree that going fishing (even in a storm drain) beats a day at work every time.