WATCH: Hero Pizza Delivery Driver Saves 5 Children From Burning House

by Lauren Boisvert

In harrowing news, a Lafayette, Indiana pizza delivery driver saved five children from a burning house sometime after midnight last week while he just happened to be driving down the street. Nicholas Bostic saw the flames engulfing the home with no firetrucks in sight, so he took matters into his own hands and rushed inside. He yelled into the smoke and flames to see if anyone was inside.

Bostic walked through the house after getting no response, feeling like there were people there. He found four kids asleep upstairs, ranging in age from one to eighteen. Bostic woke the children and hurried them outside, but then the kids told him there was one left inside, a six-year-old.

He went back into the burning house, searching everywhere for the missing child. He found the six-year-old in a downstairs area of the house. Once he grabbed the child, he couldn’t see the door because of the smoke, so he ran upstairs and jumped from the second-story window.

Miraculously, the child was unharmed, as Bostic shielded her with his body during the fall. Bostic, however, was flown to the hospital to be treated. According to officials, he suffered severe smoke inhalation and badly cut his arm. Bostic’s cousin created a GoFundMe campaign for his medical bills, and so far has raised over $200,000. Hats off to Nicholas Bostic for his incredible risk and amazing deed. Five children are alive now because he just happened to be driving that street.

Another Young Hero Saved a Pilot When a Helicopter Crashed On His Tractor

Earlier this month, a 19-year-old in Washington state rescued a pilot whose helicopter was headed straight towards his tractor. Logan Schneider was working on his family’s cherry orchard when he saw the fiery chopper headed right for him. The helicopter crashed on top of the tractor with Schneider still inside, and pinned him against the steering wheel. but he was luckily able to free himself.

Thinking quickly, he entered the burning wreckage and rescued the pilot as well. Cori Johnson was stuck upside down in the chopper, still buckled in. Schneider told Seattle’s KING-TV, “I heard him screaming. I looked and I saw him … upside down hanging … fire was everywhere. When I was in the moment I really wasn’t thinking. I was just doing.”

And good thing, too. By the time fire crews and first responders arrived on the scene, both the helicopter and the tractor were in flames. According to the Orondo Firefighters Association, crews initially had trouble getting to the wreckage because of high voltage powerlines and difficult access to the scene.

The New York Times reported that the helicopter crashed “after becoming tangled in power lines while conducting agricultural operations.” They also reported that both Johnson and Schneider sustained non-life threatening injuries.