Watch: Hoard of Anti-Maskers Storm Florida Target

by Hunter Miller

A large group of anti-maskers rushed a Target store in Florida urging others to remove their face coverings. Video of the incident surfaced online and has many on Twitter engaging in a heated discussion about masks.

One Twitter user posted a clip of the wild scene with the caption: “Anti-maskers in Florida invade a Target.”

In less than a day after posting, the video racked up more than 15 million views. Moreover, thousands shared their reaction after viewing the clip. The footage shows a handful of people marching down the aisle yelling for others to take off their masks. “Take off your mask, take it off!” one man can be heard saying.

Twitter Sounds Off on the Anti-Maskers

Some users applauded the anti-maskers for bucking the current health guidelines regarding the coronavirus pandemic. “Good for them,” one user writes. “Breathing fresh air and not letting a virus with less than a 1% kill rate run their lives.”

Other users voiced their disappointment in those who choose not to wear masks. “I really don’t think they understand what this is all for,” one user writes. “People are so dumb and it saddens me. If they get sick, they’re young, they should be fine but if they accidentally pass it to someone and it finds it’s (sic) way to someone with a preexisting condition they’ll most likely die.”

On the official Target website, the company writes that customers are required to wear masks while shopping. However, one Twitter user claims that the store doesn’t force customers to do so.

“@AskTarget doesn’t require anyone to wear masks,” the one user writes. “I’ve heard straight from the employees. I no longer support or shop there. Plenty of other options.”

Check out more Twitter reactions below:

Target has not released a statement regarding the viral video of anti-maskers at this time.