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WATCH: Intense Video Footage Shows Firefighters Rescuing Girl from Flames

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Kai-Uwe Hagemann/picture alliance via Getty Images)

A massive blaze engulfed an apartment building in Kansas on Monday, September 6th. Several families were trapped inside when firefighters arrived on the scene. Thanks to the heroic crew, no one was killed. And a body cam caught footage of one rescue working saving lives.

When crews arrived on the scene in Wichita, KS, the two-alarm fire had already taken over the 2nd and 3rd floor of the three-story building. And the flames were climbing towards the roof. Firefighters were able to get everyone out alive, but the incident injured four residents and two crew members. The blaze left the owners with $250,000 worth of damage and 16 families without a home. Officials are still investigating the cause of the fire. 

In the intense video, we can see the firefighters spraying the flames while others run into the blaze to save the families. As one firefighter enters, we see that the building is completely charred. And as he goes further into the apartment, the smoke is so heavy that we can barely make out the scene. In another clip, a crewmember runs out holding a small girl.

Firefighters Battle Los Angeles Forest Fires

The ongoing fires in the west are another show of great bravery from EMS and firefighters. Every second that crew members battle the flames—that seem to return year after year—they risk their lives. 

After a horrific day battling wildfires along Los Angeles Highways on Sunday, two Firefighters were hospitalized. 

Crews have been struggling to contain the forest fires that have engulfed many of our western states. And on Saturday, the flames of a California fire spread into northern Los Angeles County. Firefighters managed to slow its progression by nightfall, but winds picked up in the morning and carried flames to dry brush areas.

The fires forced the California Highway Patrol to shut down a long stretch of the interstate to control the burning before it spread into heavily populated areas. Air tankers flew in and covered roads with water and a bright orange retardant. When planes drop the chemical from the sky, it creates giant plumes of heavy smoke. The process reduces visibility for miles, which is why officials closed the roadways.

TRT World Now captured areal footage of the blaze and posted the video on Twitter. 

“US firefighters struggle to contain ‘Route Fire’ in California as the wildfire shut down a highway in Los Angeles county and continues to spread to other areas,” they wrote.