WATCH: Jackson, Mississippi Resident Reveals State of Tap Water in Horrifying Sink Footage

by Taylor Cunningham

Residents in Jackson, Mississippi are still living without clean drinking water months after flooding caused a citywide outage. And though water pressure has been restored, a viral Twitter post proves the crisis is far from over.

At a Glance

  • A social media post is making headlines after showcasing the dire drinking water situation in Jackson, MS.
  • In a video, a Twitter user shows the city’s tap water running dark brown.
  • Jackson recently suffered a water outage, but officials have restored pressure.
  • An “indefinite” boil notice has been in place since late July.

Molly Minta took to Twitter to prove how bad the situation is in the capital city. In a video, she runs her bathroom sink to show coffee-colored water coming from the tap.

“My water just now in Jackson, MS,” she captioned.

In the comments, Minta explained that she lives in Belhaven. And several of her neighbors assumed that because the area is “close to a water plant” but “far from the reservoir,” the community’s water was likely worse than others in Jackson.

“Well…I just talked with my landlord’s office manager,” she continued. “And she said that many of their properties in Belhaven and Belhaven Heights are affected. Their office water is currently the color of ‘weak coffee.'”

Most Jackson residents had a days-long running water outage earlier this summer after massive flooding hit the state. While the pressure is restored, Gov. Tate Reeves announced a citywide boil-water notice on July 29th. And as of today, the notice remains.

“Fellow reporters: Your outlet is welcome to use this video that I took today in my home, just please credit it ‘Molly Minta/Mississippi Today.’ Thanks,” Minta added in hopes of bringing more media attention to the problem.

The post wracked in 1.5 million views in only four hours.

Repairs Underway After A Damaged Water Treatment Pump Leaves Jackson, Mississippi Without Drinking Water

The outage and subsequent boil notice came after a pump from one of Jackson’s major water treatment plants was damaged. Repairs are currently underway. And officials claim that they are slowly fixing the problem.

On September 4, the city announced that “all of Jackson should now have pressure and most are now experiencing normal pressure.”

However, the boil-water advisory must remain until the plant can report at least two rounds of clean water samples. Gov. Reeves dispatched the National Guard to distribute bottled water after declaring a state of emergency. And those efforts are continuing today.

While government officials have promised that the situation is becoming more manageable and residents should soon have suitable drinking water, many people fear that old pipelines will continue to burst until the city can revamp the system entirely.

As Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba told ABC’s This Week, Jackson is in an emergency and “will be in an emergency even as the water is restored to every home, and even as the boil water notice is lifted, because that is the fragile state of our water treatment facility.”