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Watch: Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Breaks News of Mom’s Positive COVID-19 Test on TikTok

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

In a series of TikTok videos, the daughter Kellyanne Conway, Claudia, revealed her mother tested positive for COVID-19.

Conway, former counselor to the president, appeared alongside President Donald Trump on Sept. 26 at a Rose Garden event where Trump announced his Supreme Court nominee. According to the Daily Mail, at least seven people at the event contracted COVID-19 including Conway herself.

In one of the videos, Claudia commented on her mother being ill after her interaction with Trump. She wrote, “My mom coughing all around the house after Trump tested positive for COVID.”

Claudia then lip-synced, “That’s weird, that’s suspicious.”

In a following video, Claudia also confirmed that she may have contracted the virus. She wrote, “When my lungs hurt and it’s hard for me to breathe.”

Wearing a mask, Claudia confirmed her mother contracted COVID-19. “Bye I’m done I’ll see you all in two weeks,” she wrote. She later said her first social media post making light of her mother’s illness hadn’t “aged well.”


bye i’m done i’ll see you all in two weeks

♬ smack my blank like a drum – andy war

Conway later confirmed the diagnosis herself in a Twitter post. She said she only experienced light symptoms so far. She was also consulting with physicians on her treatment.

The daughter of Kellyanne Conway criticized Donald Trump.

In a series of videos, Claudia also criticized Trump and his coronavirus diagnosis. In one video, she said, “I don’t wish ill on anybody but the irony,” and then she added, “I hope the Lysol cures him.” She also included a clip where Joe Biden called Trump “the worst president America has ever had.”

Claudia has been a vocal critic of the Trump administration, despite her mother’s involvement. In recent months, she’s taken to TikTok to voice her displeasure and has amassed 1 million followers.

‘I’m furious. Wear your masks. Don’t listen to our idiot f—–g president piece of s–t. Protect yourself and those around you,’ Claudia said in one video. 

Claudia took responsibility for her mother’s resignation from her counselor position. Conway announced her resignation from the position in August to focus on her family.

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