WATCH: Kentucky Racehorse Bucks Off Rider, Takes Off Down Highway for 30 Minutes

by Matthew Wilson

A Kentucky racehorse went bucking wild on the highway. Rather than competing in its race, the animal made a burst for freedom out on the black tar. It’s certainly the wildest police chase that you’ll see all day and fortunately, someone had the where for all to record it.

Bold and Bossy certainly lived up to her name when the racehorse escaped the racetrack and took gallop onto the highway. The racehorse is two years old, perhaps youth explaining its reckless behavior. Fortunately, the highway remained wreckless for the day with the local sheriff pursuing the animal.

The racehorse was supposed to race at Ellis Park racetrack on Saturday. But instead, she ended up running down U.S. 41 and I-69 near Henderson, Kentucky. Bold and Bossy quickly became a bit of a viral sensation online. Multiple people recorded and took notice of the animal.

So what happened? Well, rider Miguel Mena planned to race Bold and Bossy on the track that day. But the racehorse had other plans. Before they could even get to the starting gate, the horse bucked Mena and knocked him to the ground.

The horse then took into a full gallop away from the intended gallop and off the property. Several trainers chased after the horse. But it took police intervention to help the situation. Police pursued after the racehorse from a safe distance until she could be reined in.

“Thank God for all the people who jumped in to go find her, because she left town,” the horse’s owner and trainer Michael Ann Ewing told the Associated Press, via New York Post.

Racehorse is Slightly Injured

But the situation wasn’t all high-speed pursuit and horse puns. Unfortunately, the Kentucky owner reported that Bold and Bossy ended up with a slight injury. Apparently, the horse ended up injury its leg during its run on the highway. The owner said that the racehorse lost two of its shoes and experienced dehydration cramps. This caused a minor injury.

According to a trainer on the scene Jack Hancock, the horse’s attire made catching her a “little worse” at the time. Bold and Bossy wore a saddle and also vision-restricting blinders as well.

“I’ve been here all my life and I’ve never seen one to do a run like this, not that far and not that much highway,” Hancock told USA Today.

Currently, the clip has circulated in several places online of the racehorse’s hot pursuit. Thankfully, Bold and Bossy is now back with her trainer and is relatively unharmed. An out-of-control horse on the interstate could have been deadly for the animal but also for the drivers as well. The situation ultimately ended in the best way that it could.