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Watch: Man Accused of Camping Out at Disney Records Himself During Major Police Manhunt

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Octavio Jones / Stringer / Getty Images)

Police bodycam footage shows a wild manhunt for a trespasser accused of camping out on Disney World’s Discovery Island. During the search, the suspected trespasser, Richard McGuire, recorded videos of himself hiding from the police.

McGuire recently posted the video on his YouTube channel. “Disney world ain’t playing. Disney World ain’t (expletive) playing,” McGuire said as police approached. At the time, McGuire covered himself in foliage as a sheriff’s as a helicopter can be heard circling overhead.

The hunt unfolded on Discovery Island, an 11-acre island in Disney’s Bay Lake, Click Orlando reports. It closed to the public in 1999, shortly before the opening of Animal Kingdom.

Disney security first caught footage of the trespasser on a wildlife camera on Aug. 30. According to McGuire’s YouTube channel, he traveled to the island around 11 p.m. the previous night.

The video shows McGuire drying his boots while seated by a campfire. “You guys, if you all ever do this, be respectful to the next people who are explorers,” McGuire says in the video. “If you have a fire, make sure you put it out the next day. I’ve been doing this since 2004 and I’ve never caught anything on fire.”

Police Bodycam Footage Shows the Search for Man Camping at Disney

In addition to McGuire’s videos, police bodycam footage also surfaced online. The images show law enforcement officers searching for the trespasser with guns drawn while traversing through decaying buildings and along vine-entangled trails.

Several hours later, the teams of Deputies arrived at the Island. Heard on the bodycam footage, one deputy jokes, “This is the best game of hide-and-seek ever.” His partner didn’t find the situation quite as amusing adding, “Dude, this is sketchy.”

After hours of searching, police failed to locate the trespasser. However, around 8 p.m. EST, Disney security called the deputies back to the location. Security saw a man who later identified himself as McGuire crossing Bay Lake in a motorized boat.

In the video, McGuire approaches one of the deputies, who asks, “Did you go camping?” McGuire replies by saying, ““Yeah, that’s a tropical paradise. I was going to stay out there for about a week.”

McGuire also voiced his understanding that he likely won’t be taking a trip to a Disney theme park any time soon. “Luckily, I’ve already taken my daughter Disney World before I got a life ban,” McGuire said. “Who wouldn’t want to go and have it all to themselves?”

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