WATCH: Man Climbs to Roof of Festival Stage Before Dropping onto Ground in Scary Video

by Jon D. B.

For starters, this festival footage prompts several important questions, like “Yo did the dude die!?” courtesy of Twitter’s Gucci Witch. (He did not, just to clarify.)

In the footage courtesy of Marion Edward, we see this (possibly inebriated/high/both) festival-goer scale the stage left tower, before deciding to hang from the top cross like monkey bars. There, he dangles, swinging back and forth… Before plummeting a good 20 feet below.

Any higher and he most likely wouldn’t be with us.

“Festivals are back, and gravity is still a thing. Don’t be like this guy at @SoundHavenFest last night. Nobody wants to see this,” says Festive Owl on Twitter. Agreed.

Thankfully, Festive Owl does offer in their “P.S.” that “by all accounts he is ok…but some equipment and the entire vibe of the crowd weren’t so lucky.” Youch.

To this, Festive Owl follower Sarah Reed responds “tell us you aren’t eddie vedder without telling us you aren’t eddie vedder.”

And then there are those who try to make sense of it all, instead of asking more questions. Like Jessica, who replies: “Unpopular opinion but that security team failed this fest. This person should have never been allowed to get that far.”

Definitely not an unpopular opinion. Just common sense and a straight-up fact. Whatever security was on for this stage at Sound Haven Festival had to be lax, sparse, or both. This man looks incapable of sneaking past security…

Festival-Goer Lives after Horrific Fall

On the Sound Haven Twitter account, the “Not followed by anyone you’re following” prompt the social media platform sends out seems rather fitting. The festival did, after all, attract the type of dude who would climb then drop from a festival stage and ruin some folks’ experience.

“Ew, ruining it for everyone is definitely not the vibe :/,” agrees one follower.

“Nice way to ruin a mood at a festival,” echoes Dr. Notorio.

Unfortunately, we cannot find any further information on the gent who fell. We will have to take Festive Owl, who is an established insider in the festival circuit, at their word that he is “ok”… This isn’t stopping tweeters from putting their own spin on the events at hand, however.

“Ah yes, festivals coming back and giving us a solid reminder that a year off from the shenanigans was not enough time for some people to get their head out of their ass… I wouldn’t have felt bad if buddy paralyzed himself tbh,” says Jacob. Too harsh, Jacob.

Sharpie retweets that “This was cool when Eddie Vedder did it. Not when Kyle from Tennessee does it.”

Hey now, wait a minute. Why does “Kyle” have to be from Tennessee? Is it because we host the most famous music festival in the world and you’re jealous of our glorious, Bonnaroo-having state? Thought so.

Either way, folks, please don’t hesitate to call out the “Kyle” to security if you ever see one getting ready to stupid-up your festival. At the least, you’ll be saving the mood. At the most, you’ll be saving a life.