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WATCH: Man on Jet Ski Catches Rogue Boat on Crowded River in Wild Scene

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Krzysztof Zatycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Imagine being harassed by a rogue fishing boat. Actually, that’s exactly what happened along a crowded river filled with swimmers, tubers, and other recreationalists. However, thankfully, one talented man on a jet ski wrangled the rogue boat before it could harm any of the river’s inhabitants. Check it out.

The brief clip captures a strangely empty boat spinning out near the riverbank, the engine running full throttle. It makes several circles, coming dangerously close to a tuber and the shore when our hero and his jet ski come into the frame.

The jet skier comes from downstream, pulling the jet ski alongside the boat. Without hesitating, he hops into the rogue boat, shutting off the jet ski, and removing the craft from the river and the river goers out of harm’s way.

He then deservedly takes a bow as onlookers clap and cheer.

Jet Ski Heroes Emerge Among Deadly Flooding

Our jet-skiing rogue boat wrangler no doubt saved river goers from a potentially dangerous incident. However, following Tennessee’s deadly flooding last month, the recreational crafts became useful in ways previously unimaginable.

Following the state’s deadly flooding, TN brothers Mark and Brian Bohanon took their jet skis to rescue their aunt from her home which became almost entirely submerged. News outlets state they broke a window with a hammer and helped pull her up onto the jet ski, taking her to safety.

However, despite a lack of rescue experience, they didn’t stop there. Following the jet skiing rescue of their aunt, the Bohanons noticed a man clinging to a tree, promising to return for him. They threw the man a rope upon their return, pulling him onto the safety of their jet skis.

Back and back they came. Their efforts helped save the lives of 15 TN individuals and half a dozen dogs during the deadly flooding.

Hero Dad Sacrifices Himself for His 6-Year-Old Daughter

Thankfully in the two cases above, jet skis served as a tool for both practicality and survival. However, that’s not to say freak accidents don’t happen. Unfortunately, a man lost his life in an effort to save his daughter’s following a deadly mishap with a jet ski.

Over the 9/11 weekend, 40-year-old Jose Manuel Alatorre lost his life after he and his daughter took a father-daughter trip to Percy Priest Lake, TN. Part of their plans included a jet ski together on the large lake, however, it wasn’t long before things went wrong.

When Alatorre stepped on the gas of the jet ski, something went wrong. The mishap sent both Alatorre and his daughter soaring into the water, neither wearing life jackets.

The jet ski incident led to Alatorre’s death as he did what he could to keep his daughter’s head above water, sacrificing his own safety. Nearby kayakers brought the little girl to shore, however, when they returned for her father, they could not locate him.

With such a sad ending to what could have been a beautiful weekend together, Outsider implores boaters and the like to always wear a life jacket. Or at least, keep one nearby.