WATCH: Man Slammed Through Window at Lollapalooza Over ‘Bad Wristbands’

by Jon D. B.

Chicago chaos broke out Sunday over “counterfeit event tickets,” with this brutal fight breaking out “just feet from a Lollapalooza gate.”

“VIDEO (WARNING * GRAPHIC). Man tells me he talked the person who took this video. Says the fight was over “bad wristbands” for Lollapalooza. Police still investigating this, blocking the sidewalk. @cbschicago,” tweets CBS Chicago reporter Steven Graves Sunday.

In his initial video, which is the second you’ll see below, two people are pushed into a large Congress Hotel window. Both wind up bleeding, Graves reports. It’s a shocking watch, indeed, but low quality enough to where it isn’t overly graphic.

The reporter’s second video shows “#BREAKING Brief commotion across from Lollapalooza gate (Michigan & Harrison) when apparent fight started and someone was pushed into the Congress Hotel. Two people seen bleeding. It seems to be under control now,” Graves adds, tagging his own CBS Chicago News.

Within, a huge, loud crowd gathers and Chicago police strive to keep the situation under control. It’s a hectic watch, and an even more hectic ending for Lollapalooza 2021.

Thankfully, CBS Chicago isn’t reporting any fatalities from the injuries or incidents. But the party responsible is now “in custody.”

Lollapalooza Update Reveals ‘Counterfeit’ Ticket Seller ‘Now in Custody’

“UPDATE from police confirming this was over “counterfeit event tickets”. Again, the fight happened just feet from a Lollapalooza gate. The ‘seller’ of those tickets is now in custody. @cbschicago,” tweets Graves in his latest update.

“At 5:45 p.m., police came to the hotel for a call of a deceptive practice, in which a 26-year-old man was accused of selling counterfeit tickets to a 38-year-old man, a 29-year-old man, a 27-year-old woman, and also a 23-year-old woman,” Chicago Police confirm.

“The two men from the group to whom the tickets were sold then confronted the man on the sidewalk, and they got into a fight that sent them all crashing through the ground-floor hotel window as it shattered,” CBS Chicago cites of police.

Two victims of the fraud would suffer “minor cuts” from the incident. The older of the two has cuts on his head and both of his legs, but his condition is stable. The younger man, however, would receive a laceration to the leg – but is also now in “good condition.”

As for the man selling counterfeit tickets, he would also suffer minor cuts to his hands and legs. His condition is stable as of Monday, as well.

First responders were able to put tourniquets on all three injured parties. As of late Sunday, the man selling fake Lollapalooza tickets is in custody.

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