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WATCH: Marine Captured on Airbnb Security Cam Going Above and Beyond to Untangle American Flag

by Amy Myers
(Photo by David S. Holloway/Getty Images)

Here’s a bit of good news to help brighten your day. While staying at an Airbnb, this Marine made sure that Old Glory was flying high during his visit in Oakhurst, California. At night, the do-gooder stepped outside and hopped up onto the deck fence to untangle the American flag on top of the house.

In the clip, it seems the eagle’s wing at the top of the pole snagged the stars and stripes. A security camera by the front door captured the good deed in action. The homeowners saw what their honored guest had done for them. Grateful for his service and patriotic act, the owners offered him another night at the home for free.

Watch below to see the Marine go out of his way to ensure the American flag is in ship shape.

The bit of good news comes before a nationwide patriotic event. Later this month, the Old Glory Relay, a two-month-long journey to carry an American flag, will take place. The event begins in New York City and ends in Atlanta, Georgia.

Veterans Carry American Flag for Relay Race

Veterans, active service members and supporters will run or walk beside one another to carry the flag up the coast. The event is to honor and remember the victims of the terrorist attack on September 11. This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the tragedy. Appropriately, the relay ends on Veterans Day on November 11.

The organization hosting the patriotic event is Team Red, White and Blue. The nonprofit prioritizes the mental health of our nation’s veterans and creates a community that unifies servicemembers and their supporters.

“The Old Glory Relay is a patriotic way to pursue our mission as we pass an American Flag that will ultimately connect thousands of Americans and countless communities over its more than 2,000-mile journey,” said Mike Erwin, Executive Director of Team RWB in a press release.

The American flag will travel through 10 states, across 2,400 miles and through 5,000 pairs of hands. According to the Team RWB site, the relay demonstrates the organization’s exact focus – creating deep bonds between veterans and offering an opportunity for civilians to show their support. Side by side, our nation’s heroes will once again have the chance to swap stories and show their pride for the American flag and their nation.

While the relay will certainly be more fun in person, there is a virtual option for those who cannot join the relay across the States. Team RWB encourages patriotic citizens to raise an American flag during their own journey as they show their dedication.

For those with as much pride as the Marine at the Airbnb, this is the perfect way to show appreciation for the dedication and sacrifice that our nation’s heroes.