WATCH: Marines in Dress Blues Rescue Driver from Flooded Roadway

by Matthew Memrick

A group of well-dressed Marines along an Arlington, Va. highway rescued a stranded motorist on Thursday.

The motorist caught video of the men pushing the car to safety in shallow water this week. When posted on TikTok, the helpful moment went viral.

According to ArlingtonNow, a fierce downpour flooded the northern Virginia area with several highways turned into rivers. In this case, a car on the Columbia Pike near the Pentagon got caught in the road water. 

Water Makes For Easy Rescue

Other cars risk it by driving off in the far left lane. Four Marines walk through the standing water and get to the vehicle in their dress blues.

They go to the back and give it a little push right down Washington Blvd toward an underpass. The driver captures the walk through the standing water.

The men wear their formal white pants and blue jackets. Hopefully, they were leaving a presentation instead of going to one.

“The Marines are going to help us?” the driver is heard asking. “We just got stuck.”

As they push, the driver shares praise for the men. She said, “Oh my God, this is the most American thing ever. Thank you so much!”

Later, the driver went into the TikTok video comments to again express her gratitude.

“As an immigrant, we don’t usually see these thing in the country I grew up in,” she wrote. “I am so grateful for the country and its Marines and military.”

Taking The Job Seriously

Another commenter expressed it was nothing new for the servicemembers. 

“I am going to tell you right now, they LOVED helping you out,” one man wrote. “Cause this is what we Marines do.” 

One Twitter commenter lamented the actual cost of that rescue.

“How about the cleaning bills for those $800 plus dress uniforms,” Twitter user Castiel’s Granny said. “I feel bad about that! And most civilians don’t know that service members pay for their uniforms!”

Twitter user @briandixmusic said he thought the USMC group was leaving from detail at Arlington National Cemetary. He linked the Marine Barracks Washington 8th, and I Twitter account in his post. 

Two USMC veterans joked with each other. Twitter user @wes0311said he loved that the men “kept their covers on the whole time. Staying in reg no matter what.”

But quickly, another veteran said they did it for fear of getting caught by an off-duty 1st Sergeant or Sergeant Major.