WATCH: Massive Fire Breaks Out During Live Broadcast Report

by Matthew Memrick

A live TV broadcast caught a massive fire at a European soccer stadium on Friday.

World Cup qualifier officials say the game will go on between England and Andorra, according to Reuters.

The fire broke out at the Estadi Nacional on Friday, and Andorran Football Federation officials confirmed the fire incident.

An Andorran spokesperson said: “No personal harm has been reported, only material damages, and the schedule will continue as foreseen … The match will be played.”

Andorran Football Association president Félix Álvarez affirmed the decision to keep the soccer game set for Saturday.

“The main thing is that there weren’t casualties or injuries,” Félix Álvarez told the Associated Press. “There is only material damage. We are working on it so the game can be played tomorrow. Planning continues same as before.”

Caught on Video

Sky Sports posted videos from a live report by sports commentator Rob Dorsett. The sports guy went into live reporter mode, talking about the smoke and fire near the TV camera gantry or stand.

Later in the broadcast, Dorsett said the artificial turf “will have to be assessed by officials before they decide whether it is safe and appropriate to play on that area.”

Thick, black smoke rose out of the 3,300-seat stadium, and two sets of team benches burned up. Workers with sprinklers tried to keep the fire from spreading before firefighters arrived.

Before the fire, England’s team practiced. 

The football association said firefighters contained the soccer stadium fire, and there were no injuries to people. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

The FAF said that firefighters were able to minimize the damage with no injuries. The cause of the fire, however, was unclear.

According to a Yahoo! Sports report, news footage almost caught one man getting crushed by the structure as it burned and crashed to the ground. The report also mentioned that one person reported seeing welders working near the structure before the fire.

The stadium is in a tiny Pyrenees residential area in the capital city of Andorra la Vella.

Stadium Damage Significant  

After the fire, reports said part of a soccer dugout melted. A shelter where referees stood also burned up, as did a video assistant referee’s monitor. 

Stadium walls turned black, and there was lots of debris on the part of the stadium’s artificial surface.

Later in the day, officials attempted to clean up the area while Andorra practiced for Saturday’s qualifying match. Players avoided cones marking off the destroyed field, and there was talk of replacing the damaged field before the game.

As the cleanup went on, Andorra head coach Koldo Alvarez seemed relaxed about the entire situation. 

According to The Associated Press, England leads its World Cup Group I standings with the home team second to last.