WATCH: Members of Whiskey Myers Display Impressive Skills in Recent Duck Hunt

by Jon D. B.

For their entire existence, Whiskey Myers has been about authenticity. Each band member, from the leading Codys on to John, Jeff, Jamey, and Toney, lives the lives they produce in their independent music. The resulting hard, gritting southern-rock-sounding country is a direct testament to this.

Self-professed “rednecks”, the Whiskey Myers gentlemen grew up in the great outdoors. Each still takes to them whenever possible, as well. So when the gents over at the MeatEater Podcast asked for Myers to accompany them duck hunting, the answer was an obvious yes.

Taking to the hunt is Whiskey Myers lead singer, Cody Cannon. Needless to say, Cannon does an excellent job representing his bandmates – as this isn’t his first rodeo. Er, duck hunt.

Perhaps the most devout outdoorsman of the entire band, Cannon grew up hunting and fishing. MeatEater even opens the interview with this question, and Cannon lights up immediately. This same enthusiasm for the harsh reality of the outdoors shapes everything Cannon does in life. And this holds especially true for his work leading Whiskey Myers.

“Why the Hell do I Want a Boss?”

“We just wanted to do our own thing,” Cannon tells his hosts first off. “We wanted to play our own music. Some people get into music, I think, and they want to be famous. They don’t care. They want to be famous. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I don’t think anybody in our band has that in mind,” he continues.

Further citing his own “ignorant redneck” upbringing with a laugh, Cannon notes how important it is for them to have their own style and have creative control. All of which will, surely, sound intimately familiar to fellow outdoorsmen and women.

“It was important for us to have our own style and have our own control,” he clarifies. “And I think that has a little bit to do with your upbringing or being a little bit of an ignorant redneck, ‘hell with that, I’m going to do it my own way!’ So that’s why we never signed any record deal or anything. We’ve always been independent, and we always want to be, I think. It’s like, why the hell do I want a boss?”

Spoken like a true Outsider.

Whiskey Myers’ Cody Cannon Shows Off Strong Marksmanship

As a result, it comes as no surprise to see Cannon hop right into the MeatEater crew’s blind and start cracking away some expert duck calls. Anyone can put lips to reed, but getting the right nuances out is an art form. And the better the calling skill, the better the hunt.

Noting the call he’s got on hand is a “f***ing double reed”, it takes Cannon a bit to get into the groove. As soon as he does, though, it’s go time.

From there, once the sun is up and a few drakes of the right species make their way into view, the hunt begins. The MeatEater gang are on display making several impressive shots. The latter end of the hunt on display, however, is a tour de force of one-shot KOs from Cannon. While all five minutes of this footage is obviously a very concise highlight reel, it’s always gratifying to watch someone put their money where their mouth is.

The final shot from their snowy Montana hunt shows the Whiskey Myers frontman walking in his harvests and looking mighty proud whilst doing so.

Steve Rinella and the MeatEater crew invited the guys out to Montana for a duck hunt and for Steve’s MeatEater podcast. Here’s how it all went!


Whether of hunting & outdoors exploits or their exploding music career, you’re bound to be hearing plenty more of Whiskey Myers in the years to come. After performing their own catalog of music on Yellowstone in 2018, Myers continues to skyrocket to the top of the country music pantheon. And will be there for all of it.