WATCH: Mississippi State and Tulsa Players Brawl in Massive Fist Fight After Bowl Game

by Suzanne Halliburton

Mississippi State had just clinched its win over Tulsa at the Lockheed Martin Bowl Thursday afternoon.

Then it turned ugly at Amon G Carter Stadium in Fort Worth.

As both Mississippi State and Tulsa came to midfield for the traditional post-game handshake, all hell broke loose. Sportsmanship went out the window after the Bulldogs’ 28-26 win.

The teams started fighting as coaches and staff desperately tried to break it up. The players pushed towards one bench where another fight broke out. There was one big pile, with other players kicking and punching.

A lone Tulsa player sprinted away from the melee, which appeared to be near the Mississippi State sideline. Hurricane safety Kendrin Ray appeared to be injured. He was limping, noticeably, as two Tulsa staffers helped him off the field.

After the game, Mississippi State coach Mike Leach told ESPN: “I’m not sure exactly what caused that. It was there some before the game, too.

“We never had any problem like this during the season. I can only guess (what happened) until I see the film.”

“It’s just dumb,” Leach said. “Some of that stuff was going back and forth during the game. … of there was any of it on our side, I don’t want to see it.”

Mississippi State and Tulsa, briefly, showed some bad blood in pre game.

Take a look at what transpired. College football is in the midst of its bowl season. But this is the first significant fight of any kind.