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WATCH: ‘Multiple UFOs’ Filmed Shooting Across Nashville Sky in ‘Random Flight Patterns’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit" M-Production via Getty Images)

The truth is out there and one Redditor believes that they found it in Music City. Redditor CallMeClinton was visiting Nashville for the weekend when they had what they believe is a UFO sighting. They posted a video of their alleged sighting in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday.

 The title of CallMeClinton’s post explains the video. They asked if anyone in Nashville was also seeing the lights in the video, adding, “I feel like I’m not lucky enough to be seeing a UFO so I need a second eye.” 

If you watch the video closely, you can see several small white lights zipping through the sky. However, as the Redditor admits, their camera is not the best. As a result, you may need to get a little closer to the screen to fully appreciate the alleged evidence in the video. Could it show multiple UFOs flying above the Nashville skyline? Nothing is impossible.

Nashville is a big place, but luckily CallMeClinton was specific about where the UFO sighting took place.

“I’m near the midtown hospital facing 158 degrees south when taking this video,” the Redditor said in a comment.

In another comment, the Redditor gives a little more insight about the possible UFO sighting above Nashville. “They are going in what seems like random flight patterns, suddenly accelerating around. Some will go really high up and behind the clouds…They are mostly solid lights unless they go too far, but the camera is making it look like they’re fading in and out.”

CallMeClinton was not alone. Another Redditor, not far from Nashville had a UFO sighting that same night.  “I just live 60 miles north of Nashville in Bowling Green, KY, and at about 2 am I saw lights similar to this,” Reddit user MercyFaith reported. They went on to say that they work night shifts, so being awake that late was the norm for them. However, they didn’t get any photographic or video evidence. “I was standing on my back deck enjoying the evening and was so surprised by what I was seeing that I didn’t get video or pics.”

Not the First UFO Sighting in Nashville

A high-profile UFO sighting took place in Nashville back in November of 2018. Several people enjoying the evening in downtown Music City caught a glimpse of three bright silvery-white objects that seemed to be plummeting through the sky. They left a streak of light behind them as they fell. Then, they appeared to converge into a single object before blinking out of existence.

However, it wasn’t just a social media user who reported the sighting. In fact, The Tennessean reported on the UFO sighting above Nashville. You can still see the video on their website.

Are UFOs flying above Music City? Do aliens love country music? These are questions that we may never get answers to.