WATCH: NASCAR Returns to Music City for Burnouts on Broadway

by Hannah Heser

NASCAR came to Nashville, Tennessee to participate in the Broadway Burnouts event Wednesday night. The city was in for a ride when it lit up Broadway. This event occurred in the heart of the Music City’s nightclub district. Burnouts on Broadway is scheduled to air on Saturday at 6 p.m. ET on NBCSN.

A couple of tweets went viral from the event. The comments were filling up fast from fans all over the world.

Kevin Harvick, one of the drivers the other night destroyed the rear tires of his number 4 Stewart-Haas Racing Ford and just walked away from it in the middle of the street.

On the other hand, Kurt Busch put the number one Chevrolet through its paces. He is known as the 2004 champion who will join 23XI Racing as the organization plans to expand to two cars in the upcoming season. He is very passionate about the races and that has motivated him to win in 19 of his 22 full-time seasons. It will be exciting to see how Kurt Busch does in the following races.

For all you NASCAR fans, the full showcase is now available on YouTube to enjoy.

Future Plans For NASCAR

The Next Generation car is preparing for the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series. This month is used to run the rest of the tests on each car. Additional tests are scheduled to return to the Charlotte Motor Speedway oval layout December 15-17, Daytona International Speedway January 11-12 and Phoenix Raceway January 25-26. This will allow each team to prepare for the next season.

This motorsport has a lot of new ideas in the making. The future is bright for the drivers, race tracks and most importantly, the fans. NASCAR wouldn’t be where it is today without people supporting it.

Is NASCAR Struggling To Keep Its Popularity?

People all over the world watch these races for many reasons. One of them is the high level of excitement it gives off. The cars are able to drive as fast as they can in motorsport, which is what makes the races so entertaining.

Besides this, NASCAR has been experiencing some problems with attendance lately. It lacks respect from many motorsport and automotive enthusiasts. Reasons for this may include a shortage for skilled drivers or some boring races.

All of this new excitement coming in the following seasons will definitely help the sport remain a fan favorite.